Rogue Emblems: Inari, Danzaburo, Kelile, or Scarlett #2?


I just finished bringing Guardian Jackal to +18, which is as high as I’m taking any Emblemed heroes.

And I already had Scarlett at +18.

I use both regularly on Raid/War Offense and Titans, so they were natural priorities.

Current Usage & Options

Now I’m a bit torn for which hero should be my third Emblemed Rogue. None is an amazingly obvious priority.

My options and current usages are:

Hero Raids War Offense Titans Change with Emblems
Inari Frequent Fairly Uncommon All Dark Higher attack for Titans, and sturdier in general. Probably same usages, though.
Danzaburro Never Extremely Rare Never Potentially very useful for Raid Tournaments
Kelile Never Never Never Potentially useful for Raid Tournaments
Second Scarlett Never Extremely Rare Never Potentially useful for War Offense, and maybe Raid Tournaments

All are already maxed, and none have Emblems.

(And while I’m open to potentially using Emblems on 3* for key heroes for Challenge Events and Raid Tournaments, Carver won’t get enough use to justify them. So these are the only real options.)

Rest of My Roster

In case it affects your thinking…

click for roster of leveled heroes



Inari as she’s the most immediately useful, for titan damage and overall yellow stacking damage.

Danza and/or Kelile depends on how comfortable you are stacking those colors in 4* raid tournaments, but looking over the roster, you are doing fine for both.

Scarlett 2 would be for challenge event Epic high scores. That’s really the only good reason to emblem multiples of her.


I was thinking this too, but thought I’d probably be better off with Colen, since he can also be useful for Raid Tournaments.

Though the Fighter Class is a lot more crowded with good options — so maybe a second Scarlett would be a good way to free up Fighter Emblems for…I dunno, Magni? Or Rudolph/Valen/Gato/Arman?

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Probably Magni, unless you want to strengthen your 3* teams for raid tournaments and challenge events.

As far as 3*s are concerned, I would choose either Gato or Rudolph. I’ve kinda regretted giving them to Arman myself, he’s good at 3* raid tournaments but not so much for challenge events.


Have Jackal +18, Jackal +8 plus some unused emblems. Have Marjana maxed and finishing Inari now. Plan to strip second Jackal and start embleming Inari.

If it helps

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I think that if you have fewer than 3 reset emblems, you should hoard your rogue emblems for now.

Danzaburo and Kellie are certainly not worth the emblems. I also wouldn’t give emblems to 3* heroes at your level since they won’t help you in AW (even though they would be useful in tourneys and events).

Therefore, the 3 options are:

  1. waiting for a better hero
  2. giving emblems to Inari (if titans are your priority)
  3. giving emblems to second Scarlett (if you want to compete in the epic stage of events)

I have 9, and I’ve never used one.

I already don’t use all of my 5* nor Emblemed 4* in every War, so I don’t mind using Emblems for other priorities.

That would probably mean waiting for Season 3, or a lucky pull of Peters from Challenge Coins.

So it would probably be a while.

Typically I’ve prioritized Titan teams first. I’m just not sure if that’s a high enough priority in this case for the costs of Emblems on 5*.

I’d give Emblems to a 4* for use on Titans for sure — I’m doing that with Ameonna solely for Titans.

I already can hit the rewards tier I want in Epic and Legendary, so it’s just to make it easier to get there, really.

Colen would accomplish that too, as I mentioned above, while also being useful for Raid Tournaments. But again, I have more options for Fighter Emblems than Rogue, so this could be appealing.


Well, in this case, Inari is probably your best option.

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I also vote for Inari. Sounds like she is the only option you even use regularly? I don’t have a leveled Inari, but that attack is amazing. Plus, I always advocate for prioritizing titan heroes. Guardian Jackal is my only emblemed rogue. He really needs them.

Emblems on a hero you never use would be worthless. If you use Inari frequently for raids, I definitely would recommend Inari. :slight_smile:

P.S. what do you want for that spare Evelyn? :innocent:


Indeed, but that’s why I was considering Emblems on the others — so I’d have a reason to use them.

Alberich. Miki. Delilah. Tarlak. Mother North. Drake. Kunchen. Onatel. Ares. Zimkitha.

Hero Academy to make it possible to get one of those.


I am hoping Hero Academy does that. So much. I don’t have duplicates of any of those. I can give you an Ariel though :stuck_out_tongue:

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@zephyr1 You have a very nice lineup that you can do magic with. I am curious, which path you took inari? All attack or def+attack? Inari is my first 5* hero, and one of the 3 rare 5* i got in a year.

I’m prioritizing Attack for Inari, since that’s her intrinsic strength.

For the Rogue Class that’s entirely deterministic. Choosing Attack determines the entire path because there aren’t any branches with Attack on both sides, so there’s no need to decide on a secondary priority.