Decision concerning rogue emblems on my alt

I am being very indecisive about what to do about my rogue emblems on my alt profile. Only rogue I have all the way at the grid is Dawa. Should I just hord them until I get a better rogue or put them on her?

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Given that Dawa is one of the worst 3* heroes, you should definitely wait for a better rogue. If you give the emblems to her now, you will have to use a reset emblem when you get a good rogue in the future, which would be a huge waste.

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I gave emblems to three 3* of every color. I have them all between +18-+20. Rogue was the only class I didn’t use. IMO there are no decent 3s worth spending emblems on but a lot of excellent 4 that need them, mine are on Scarlett+18 and G. Jackal+7 I plan on spending more on a 2nd G. Jackal.

PS Dawa is the worst 3* that I maxed. I plan on feeding her away soon.

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