G. Jackal, some smart help please :)

Any of the braniacs can help me? Fairly early on in Jackal’s talent tree he gets the option of a 2% mana bonus. Since he is already very fast mana, what does that mean in real terms? Thanks in advance if you can help :slight_smile:

It means that you’ll need level 7 mana troops instead of level 11 to charge Jackal with 6 tiles.


Of course you could choose to go the other direction on the talent grid?
The mana recovery speed is a pretty tempting deal.
Not sure if I’ll choose more health or faster mana st thst point

A very fast hero takes 6.5 tiles to charge or half that with ghosting; to knock off the .5 tile you need an 8.3% mana boost the most common way to get this is a level 11 mana troop. If you gave jackal the 2% boost you would only need a level 5 mana troop instead.

This probabaly isnt worth doing unless you wanted to push the lvl 11 troop up and use it with another speed hero


Thanks! Exactly the kind of info I needed spelled out for me, and so fast :hugs: