Rogue Emblems - Brynhild or Scarlett?

Who should get the rogue emblems?
Brynhild or Scarlett?

My other heroes:
Grimm, Grimm, Vela, Agwe,
Wilbur, BT, G-Falcon, Kelile(3,60)
Tiburtus, Rigard, Zyprian
Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Li Xiu
Melendor, Buddy, Kasshrek

I’m also torn for who should get the Monk Emblems?
Wu Kong - Li Xiu - Wilbur??

IMO, I would spread emblem for wars and raid variety.
Give some emblem for Brynhild and Scarlett, and the rest can wait for Jackal if you want to plan to chase in Guardian Teltoc.
Monk: Wilbur, and give some for Li Xiu if she is as your current tank, give some for Wu Kong if your current titan is 10* and up.

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If you’re using Wu on every titan, give him at least a couple modes to boost his defense and health. If you have Tarlak, Miki, Ranvir, or Gazelle, Wu becomes superfluous

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I have 323 Emblems - How many would you spend?

Titans are 4-5*
Tank is currently BT. I was planning on experiemnting with Brynhild as Tank, maybe?

If you’re still using 4*, I would actually put one node on each maxed hero. When you get to 5*, that becomes cost prohibitive, but for 4* it’s fairly cheap. After that, put the rest on the heroes you use the most. Your raid defense, war defense, titan heroes, and those that consistently find their way into your raid teams

I was always thinking of maxing one hero at a time, never really considered spreading them around. Will try that and see how it feels.

I haven’t looked at how Scarlett’s stats changed with emblems… If she can stay alive (and emblems would help with that), you’d have a deadly duo between her and falcon.

Haven’t had the opportunity to play with Brynhild much yet… several of my alliance mates have emblemed their 4* healers and use them regularly… only downside is she only heals 3… so doubt she’d be useful for the long haul. Maybe I’m wrong.

Wilbur for monk emblems… in my opinion… he’ll be used in many arenas for a long while… titans, war, seasonal events…

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No matter how many emblems you waste on Scarlett, she will still be glassy. If you’re going to do that, go to the attack route, to improve her tile damage.


Thanks for that… was thinking the same, but wasn’t sure.

Sounds like a team fronted with wilbur, scarlett, and falcon would be quite deadly, yeah?


I second spreading your emblems around if you find yourself using both of them.

I think brynhild works better as a flank to a tank like cyprian or Boril rather than as a tank herself. I’d hesitate putting her next to a BT tank because of the double healing, but could maybe work in war.

Scarlett is a solid 4* hero, and even better mixed with Falcon. The only problem is keeping her alive, so placing in the corner is best when you use her. With emblems, she can evade which helps a lot. Definitely put emblems on her. Remember you have reset tokens so you can remove emblems from a hero when you get a better one to use them on.

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Very. I took my Scarlett to +18 for tile damage and her base attack is nearly 900.


Thaks a lot for the answers.
For Scarlett, which path would your suggest?
Attack > Defence for max damage - or the other way round to make her more durable?

I already did the test on the last green 4* Titan - BT, Wilbur, G-Falcon, Scarlett and Wu Kong. That Combo is indeed very deadly. However, keeping Scarlett alive is difficult, I might in fact buff her Defence first.

Attack. She’ll never be durable.


I have Scarlett +14 attack route. No regrets, but use her offensively only. BT and Wilbur for Titan {Mainly 8*} but Scarlett still holds up there enough to consider vs nature. Spreading emblems now, but first few heroes I leveled got all I had. Wish I could reset half!

As @Math-Teacher stated… I’d go attack… Then either use turtle banners or mana up Wilbur at the start.


I don’t really use either Brynhild+19 or Scarlett+11 except for 4* tournaments.

Have to strip one to give emblems to Frigg, resetting Scarlett would be more efficient since she has less emblems.

Is there any compelling reason to strip Brynhild instead?

@jinbatsu @Math4lyfe

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@l2ider,… do you also use Scarlett for your Event Challange red stack? and also Red titan team? If you still depend on her in both, I would not strip Scarlett.
Brynhild is great for Buff Booster, but not for event challange and not for titan. But Brynhild is also great for additional war team for sure specially if emblemed.


I’d probably reset both… Max marj and give some to her.

But I’m more war focused and see marj as a great addition to a war team. :woman_shrugging:

… I guess you’d have more tournaments where you wouldn’t use brynhild at all though, since she’s a healer… that might be my only argument for resetting her over Scarlett. (Not saying it’s a good one…)