Roc, Vivica, or G. Gazelle?

I am torn. I can ascend either Roc, Vivica, or Guardian Gazelle. I like them all, but I dont like the effect that Gazelle has given she dies, but I do like her special. Roc does not have anything happen if he dies, but his special isn’t that great either. Then Vivica, she has always been a great healer, but I have Kuncheon. Who would you go with and why?

If you are not in need of a yellow direct healer (not over time)or a 5* healer i would go with G.Gazelle. I dont have him but ive heard tons of good reviews about him.
Gazelle is so versatile.

Roc is a big meh to me . he should have been a fast speed hero but being average to me doesnt match with his ability . I mean, his ability doesnt justify the hard nerf he suffered in Beta.


Gazelle is awesome but she needs to be maxed because her survival is essential for your team. Depending on where you’re at in the game a 3.70 Vivica may do the trick for you. Especially with kunchen I don’t know that I’d choose a second slow cleanser/healer, but if you need a healer then Vivica is your girl.

I agree with @Lexxtarc Roc seems pretty meh, and Gazelle essentially cleanses everyone at average as well, so she’d be my pick.


I have a maxed Guardian Gazelle. I don’t have Roc but I do have 3/70 Rana (the latter i believe is far better than the former). I also have 3/70 Vivica (who does not see any more action since I got Lady Woolerton). Assuming my Gazelle is at 3/70, I would ascend her first than my 3/70 Rana and 3/70 Vivica. And since my Gazelle is maxed and Roc has been released in the live game, I will be ascending Rana to final tier (she has been waiting patiently for approx a year now as I got her last year). Sitting on 16 darts and plus more (1 from the SandEmpire event and 1 from the POV), I plan to have my 2nd Gazelle or 2nd costumed Joon both at 3/70 or maxed but Vivica will only be ascended IF i get her costume.


Would be gazelle for me hands down

Especially if i could undo both my maxed vivs to get & max her instead

Pretty solid hero imo. No regrets there

@Math4lyfe can give u more 1st hand insight than i can tho


So… I have Gazelle and Viv and I use to run them on the same team… not a stellar idea. You get the heal from Viv, but lose the defense buff to all but gazelle. I’ve since switched out viv for LadyW. No regrets. Huge improvement. (fwiw, I’m usually a mono player)

Sure your team gets some damage if gazelle dies… but from my experience, this doesn’t happen often… (usually when I use her for titans… rarely when I raid with her). If your team is dancing, she’s healing.

Just think about where you would use her… and remember, buffs (including elemental) won’t be effective. (Someone mentioned putting Magni next to Gazelle so she would benefit from the defense buff while still having a solid hitter… not sure how well that works with the Tell tank era… but just throwing that tidbit out there)

Roc will get you the cleanse that viv offers, and faster… but you’d still want a healer on your team. So you’re now potentially using two valuable hero slots for (average or slow) support heroes that do minimal damage. Not my style… but everyone is different.

Not sure that helped… it’s late… I’m rambling. Happy gaming!


Gazelle all they way…have fun with her on raids, events and titans…I had to choose between her, Vivica, Joon, Malosi and Musashi…never looked back.


Gazelle…,you will not be disappointed.

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Unless you want to summon for her. Getting her is the disappointment itself, unless you want to spend unlimited money on that antelope.

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I’m surprised that this is even a topic. Guardian Gazelle may be the best Guardian 5*. I mean she removes undispellable status effects.