How good is Vivica?

Hello everyone . I have pulled Vivica and i was wondering how good this hero is to justify spending my six darts on her.

I would not use her in defense , so im looking for a complement to my yellow stack or in general to complement my attacking teams.

A little information

I dont have any 5* healer yet, only grazul at 3.70.
In yellow the only hero in my roster which can heal is gilinbursti but i cannot emblem him because i have better druid choices.

Im heavy in 4* healer with some dupes maxed with costume(rigs, mel , BT).

Which are the others yellow compiting for darts?
Roc and Justice.
In rush tourmaments i dont see any of the trio(justice, roc.and vivica).being considerable better one than another.

So, should i choice the healing path with viv so useful but at slow speed or a niche hero with roc?

Often times either on defense or offense vivica can turn the battle into victory.

Her slow speed is major drawback but she is definitely useful, unless u have ariel


Vivica is one of the classic hero that you can still see in the defensive line up, while the other classic heroes have already faded away.

Vivica alone may not be so attractive, but Vivica in costume is a good game changer.
her cleric class can resist any status effect toward her mana, which is good to keep her be able to cast Omniheal. Once you have her costume, the costume will provide her mana generation bonus. If you have high level mana troop, her mana generation will be even faster.

As a healer, she can do both joining the yellow stack team, or participate in other colors stack as an isolated game changer (which she already is)

All in all, good investment on Vivica

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I dont have the costume for her sadly, neither a mana troop to make her drop a tile(only have critic yellow)

Anyways i always wanted a yellow healer so probably i will choice her over roc.
About roc here he has bad rep. But some experienced people told me that he was being understimated. That cleanse at average is more useful than people usually think

She is slow and squishy, falls behind some of the other 5 star healers - most notably Kunchen and Ariel.

But in a case when you lack legendary deep healers, she’s definitely the one to work on. Worth darts much more than Justice and Roc. And as was mentioned above, she can be turned into an A+ card when you pull a costume (it’s not easy though, but who knows, maybe you get lucky).


Exactly, Vivica in costume is the replicated Kunchen (with faster mana speed)
You may be lucky next month to obtain her costume.

Costumed Vivica is nothing like Kunchen. Her ability to dispell buffs from the enemies are extremely useful especially when fighting against Elena or riptose tanks.

She is great, for sure she worth the darts even in normal form. Heal, cleans and def bost. And if you get the costume, then you have a versatile hero. I use her costume in defense, but both forms in attack ,depending if I need dispells or cleans. You don’t know when a better yellow 5* will drop, so I will suggest to lvl her. You always can bring her to 3.70 and then choose.

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Yep i will do that . I started feeding her the yellow food.
I doubt i pull something better than her in september , the new yellow hotm is ok but nothing shiny

She’s still better than Justice or Roc imho, so if she appears, do not underestimate the shininess (I mean the Panda girl, whose name I’m never going to remember).

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That is the essence of it. If she was average she would be a game changer for me, but getting her charged can be a challenge if you are using her against average or even fast heroes… I’m hoping she will get ‘balanced’.

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I’ve took my 20 emblems out of Ariel and trusted them to Vivi when I’ve got her costume. I often use the normal version for hard mode Valhalla and VF tournaments.

Ariel is awesome even without emblems so I dont regret it.


I don’t think vanilla Vivica is better than highly emblemed Gullinbursti.


Viv is really good for difficult map levels where you can charge over several levels and top up mana.

She’s not great on raids IMHO unless it’s a slow slug fest.

Of all my cleansers - c.rigard, rigard, c.sonya, c.caedmon see a lot more action in the current fast dot meta.


The key difference with Gullinbursti is that he can counter the season 3 heroes who reduce max hit points. Both are slow mana. Having said that, costume Vivica is in my ~4300 defense team and I use her in both forms. Defense drop in tournaments is especially helpful to clear the final levels quickly.

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I like mine, but she is with costume and Lv17 mana troop, which with last emblem node takes 2 tiles of her charge, making her average speed:

As for regular Viv, she is the only S1 5* healer and I still see her quite frequently in low Diamond. 5* average speed healers are hard to get, so she has her value. Though Costume Rigard, Costume Melendor or Rapunzel Boldtusk are options as well.


@Nightmare2048 Can you post a picture of your talent grid as well for her? I pulled her costume, so I’ll level her base hero before embleming her. Thx! :wink:

Im looking for a yellow healer , the difference about viv and gilin is the tile damage. Id rather bring a hero with an attack above 700 then a hero that has its roof at 600.

But i see your point guys, its clear that the ultimate upgrade for her is the costume. Someday i hope to pull it

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Sure , plus she , besides gilinbursti , Dalilah, and a seasonal hero, is the only available yellow healer. That makes her so valuable to me. Despite i have other options for healing in other colors , but not in yellow

Added it to the post. You may want to take defense node after the 4th one (I did a mistake, but said screw it, besides 1500+ HP is nice too).

If you look specifically for yellow healer, then you should probably ascend her. Or wait for Gullinbursti. Though base Viv also cleanses, so that’s probably more useful. And you may get her costume.


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