Building advice after TC20

Dear fellow E&P addicts,

Yesterday I started my first TC20 training, so I’m excited to see the first result tomorrow.

Now that I reached TC20, I need some advice on which buildings to prioritze next. I’m F2P en still have 20 days of double builder left (thank you invites).

My buildings are as follows:

  • Farms: 1 level 20, other 8 level 14 or 15
  • Food Storages: all level 13 to 15
  • Mines: all level 18
  • Iron Storage: 1 level 19 (want my 30 gems), rest level 18
  • Training Camps: 1 level 20, 1 level 13, 2 level 11
  • Forges: 1 level 9, 1 level 6

Any advice on what to prioritize the next couple of weeks?


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When I got my castle up I always upgraded my producing facilities (farm and mine) at first.

Storages I just did if needed to upgrade/research anything and my capacity was too low…so very low priority.

In the long run you want a second TC at 19 to burn your jackets for faster leveling…but not top priority in the next…so you can run your first TC 20 without interruption.

You need forges for higher items on titan. (And map stages/events). Depends on your titan level…with Mana, Arrows and Bear banners you can boost your score … but this won’t be sufficient.

So I would say a mix of forge, farm and mines…get your producing stuff to the maximum.

I have all at max (advanced buildings,too) and I tell you…it is not enough…for while I had too much food and didn’t know what to do with it.

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Not to disagree with Vikingblood80’s good advice, but don’t entirely neglect storage. You’ll need a lot of iron collected at once to build advanced buildings, and hopefully a lot of ham to feed the fruits of your TC20!

Don’t hold your breath though, there may be a few Dawas to run through before your first Lianna pops out (speaking from experience).

My TC13 never gave me Dawa’s, I’m more the Renfeld kind of player :frowning:

Thanks, at this moment I’m never running out of food. Seems strange to update farms first, hence my question.

So go for mines first, than forge. Would be my advice.

Somebody calculated that the lost production in mines and farms compared with the increased output means that they pay off very slowly. (Except for the initial 10s conversion, of course, which you should absolutely do.) I would worry about the storages — even to build HA 7, you need all iron storages maxed, or nearly (I had 170k left after building it).

Advanced houses are nice for the free recruits, but since Atlantis rises started, I’m never hurting for recruits.

I’m F2P too. I haven’t gone full for farms and mines (we F2P don’t have a big problem with resources), but I’m upgrading storages to full because I plan to have HA10. I have a couple duplicated 5* that I can use there.
I think essential buildings are:
Barracks is very important, since troops are very helpful.
I also leveled up a second TC20. As a F2P, they’re maybe the best way to get S1 5*.
I’ve also leveled up houses, and have one full Forge (items will help against titans and map stages).

I have Alchemy Lab, Hunter’s Lodge and I’m rising Hero Academy, but they’re not THAT necessary as the ones I mentioned above. And before having them, you’ll need to level up storages (both iron and food).

Super helpful, thanks! Storage upgrading it is :slight_smile:

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Everyone has their own priorities and advice will reflect that.
For example, my priority was to get 5* heroes, so in your shoes I would do the following:

  • Get a second TC to level 20.

  • Convert a forge to barracks (you only really need 1 forge) and level to 3 for now, if you ever need to dump food, leveling troops is a big food sink. Level 3 will give you sufficient troop level limits to start, when you start hitting the limit, you can start upgrading the barracks as required.

  • Continue on upgrading your Stronghold towards 25, but make a few stops along the way. You will need to upgrade your iron storage to have the capacity for upgrades. Also, I find the current Alchemy Lab to be useful for free Ascension Materials and Emblems which can help when you are starting out. So, when you get the Lab unlocked, I would take a break and level the Lab up to 5 to allow you to perform 2 research or transmutations and generate alkashards.

Throughout this, you’ll probably need to upgrade storage capacity as required, including houses. Once you go for the Hero Academy, you’ll need all your advanced storage building maxed to make use of the level 10 retraining legendaries… but that’ll be some time away.

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Only need 1 Forge to level 20, the rest (3 forge) maximum Level-5 is enough, so the rest of forge can be convert to other building like Barrack, Hunter Lodge, Alchemyst Lab or Hero Academy.

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I a m a F2P too and here are my 2 cents. I so agree with Soiden. It is a long grind but dont give up. I would prioritize Iron and Food storages, TC. I have all 4 TCs at 20. I am building my HA level 7. My plan is to use HA level 10 for a chance at new 5* heroes. For reference, my advanced iron storages are maxed, advanced food storages at level 9. You need that maxed for level 10 HA. My advanced mines are at 5 and 3 and my advanced farms are at 1. You more often have enough food and iron but the storage capacity limits your buildings. You can always use TCs to store your surplus food and recruits.


You didn’t mention your Watchtower level? If it can be upgraded do as it uses food not iron so is a good simultaneous build/upgrade. The Watchtower is your single most productive resource.


Everyone has their own priorities and advice will reflect that…
…if you ever need to dump food, leveling troops is a big food sink.

Is that ever the understatement… I spent over 2 million getting a troop from lvl 10 to lvl 11.

My watchtower is level 11 at the moment. Since it uses food instead of iron to upgrade, I will use it when I have excess food, which at this moment is all the time.
I guess I need that second training center at 20 so I can use on of them to start stocking multiple trainings. With only one I don’t want to have a queue. After my tc20 is done, I will burn excess food in TC19.

Your Watchtower is worth about two maxed farms and a mine. People seem to forget this and the build time is fair.

EDIT: oh, and you can collect while building.

F2p active players usually get more resources they can spend so I´d focus on:

Stores: They limit everything you can produce, you need them both upgraded if you want to upgrade SH and crafting research.
Forge: You will need some items in order to improve on titans, challenges and trials.
Barracks: Troops will spend a lot of food and basic troops, you need to invest on it from time to time that will increase your overall strenght teams.

Post TC20 or SH20, the resources consumption is extremely high.
You may need to concentrate on building all farms, mines, storages and camps to level 20 first, then proceed onto SH21.

I do agree that TC20 for 4 bases is the most preferable choice since you may need to run TC20 for 3 bases simultaneously to increase the chance for getting classic 5* heroes. Remaining 1 base of TC20 will have to do the rotation training from TC1 TC2 and TC19, given that, during Atlantis Rise, TC20 can be reduced to 2 bases.

Do not underestimate classic 5* heroes, because if they get their costumes, they can fight head to head with all fancy heroes from other origins.

Just don’t blow it on 3 star troops past lvl 6

You’ll need storage maxed first to build/upgrade advanced buildings and then to research their goodies. Iron storage/mines first, then food storage & farms.

Yes, but my way of thinking (with only 1 builder) is that you want to maximize your available time. So the approach should be upgrade the advanced buildings as much as you can with your storage limits. Once you hit the limit, you turn around to upgrade the storage capacity, while taking the time to research.

For example, my HA is limited to level 8 due to my iron storage, rather than upgrade iron storage before I started building, I started building and upgraded to my limit. Once I hit the limit, I went back and started to upgrade my advanced iron storage while I researched some of the levels and started producing trainers and troops. So while I wait for the storage to get upgrade, I get some limited use out of the building.