Ring contest: Jean Francois or Queen of Hearts?


I am coming with yet another question about who to ascend. There are following contestants:

  • Jean-Francois 2/xx
  • Queen of Hearts 1/8 - got extremely lucky and pulled her now

Fully leveled 5* and 4* in my possession:

  • 5*: Elena, Natalya
  • 4*: Guardian Falcon, Wilbur, Boldtusk (possibly costumed)


  • 5*: Vela, Miki, Magni
  • 4*: Kiril, Sonya (costumed)


  • 5*: Gregorion
  • 4*: Hansel, Melendor (costumed), Caedmon, Gadeirus, Brynhild


  • 5*: Ranvir, Vivica (costume), Sif
  • 4: Guardian Jackal, Gretel, Mist


  • 5: Sartana, Victor, Marie-Thérèse
  • 4: Rigard, Proteus, Merlin, Cheshire Cat

So, from my point, what I lack is good tank, ie QoH would fit my needs better. Also I have some DoT heroes, notably Vela, and JF’s defense reversal may be just replaced by Victor’s, who is Very Fast and currently I have Lv11 Epic Mana Troop for him.

So, should I level Queen? I always wanted her and even after 1 year of playing I didn’t get any 5* who would fill her role …

JF and Vela make a killer flank combo, so my advice would be JF

I’ve used Marie as tank and it’s pretty effective she is at +10 right now. The only reasoned I’ve moved her is because I got Ursena.

JF and Vela make great flanks for tanks and having Marie wouldn’t be bad since you get a defense buff and HoT

I have qoh and love her, but she does not make my defense team. I find her to be so much better on offense and missions. But i see what you saying with your current roster and i would go qoh, but just dont expect telly results, but she is solid

Tough call. I’m leaning towards the Queen, but mostly because you’ve been wanting her for a year. It’ll feel good to finally have the dream player in your squad. She is a good one.
I don’t have the Queen and I haven’t fought her from other players much, but I do own and Jean-Francois. I haven’t maxed him yet. Still holding off and waiting very patiently until I get a better red 5*. (Or until I get 3 more Mystic Rings. Then I can max him and still have enough for the next guy.)

This is a little off topic, but what level are Miki and Ranvir? Do you use them in titan battles? I’m just drooling to know what kind of damage those two can do together!

Thank you all. I am leaning a bit towards Queen, notably because of her taunt and also because I have soft spot for her. But I still have a time to decide until she gets to 3/70.

About Miki and Ranvir: You use only one, because Miki’s stacking is capped but you also get miss from Ranvir. So it is better to use Miki with BT, costume Rigard etc. I maxed Ranvir as my first hero then I was disappointed once I got Miki, because is better on titan and in challenge events too (no misses). As for damage, I do normally about 50k, max I got was 114k I think.

Also have them both maxed. Ranvir is without emblems, I took them for Vela whom I use regularly now. Miki is at +13.

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I had to choose between JF and Grazul. I went JF. He’s ok at tank with emblems. Maybe try each of them out at 3.70 and see who you like.

Except that both Sif, Costumed Vivica and Jean-François are better tanks than Queen of Hearts :slight_smile:

Costumed Vivica can work with direct damage dealers as flanks as Vela, Victor, Sartana and in a minor way Marie-Thérèse while Sif can work with almost every flank. If I were to build a defense out of your heroes my choice would be to field this defending team:

Yes, I would put

Brynhild, a 4* nature hero wich also share the class with Sif, instead of Gregorion because with her little heal and her GREAT effects she would make your Sif a very sturdy wall with undispellable mana generation, damage reduction, counterattack, defense against special skills.

Vela and the other ones would finish the weakened heroes.

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Thanks a lot, this is a very interesting setup. I give Sif some emblems too because besides Jackal, who’s at +20 already, and Brynhild I have no fully ascended Rogue. Another thing I am inclining towards Queen is that I have less competition for Paladin emblems: Falcon is at +20 too and I don’t feel like maxing Sonya. For Wizards on the other hand I have very big competition for emblems: I had a hard time to decide between Proteus, Victor and Sartana. But I will take her to 3/70 first and will see how she works for me.

Standard line, but as true as ever - don’t prioritize defence!

Unless you’re in very competitive alliances and need a particularly strong war defence, you’ll always get more out of hero’s that play well on offense.

Good hero’s for your offense help you win raids (fill chests, win war attacks) complete events with good scores, complete tournaments with good scores, get better titan scores, win war attacks…
Defence holds cups, gets you a modest bonus in tournaments and makes you harder to defeat in wars.

The rewards for good defence are much stingier than for good attacking capabilities - this is why the standard advice is always, correctly, to prioritize your attacking teams and then build the best defence you can.

Now… I’d do QoH.
Not for defensive reasons necessarily - she’s not a great tank (M-T & Vivi-C will do it better), but she’s very useful attacking support.

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Thank you. Yeah I read something about her on forum in the meantime and she does not seem as a good tank in the end. Which is funny because I always thought she is made to be a tank, but it is also true that her minion won’t last long if exposed to tiles. On the other hand the minion has great attack, so maybe it is worth to keep him as long as possible.

Anyway I plan to use her on offense too, especially against devastating AoE heroes she might be very useful (Ursena anyone?). Also I hate Telluria partially because of the mana slow on entire team, and since QoH is red she may be useful in a stack against her. Today I fought her in defense in war in right wing and she took time to take down even with Vela (since she has lot of HP and defense does not affect DoT).

So it is QoH it seems.

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