Rigard with emblems or Kunchen?

Hi guys, I need your advice, I have a Rigard with 6 active nodes and some days ago I got Kunchen… Now I dont know what to do, should I keep Rigard getting nodes or I should stop and give them to Kunchen? Kunshen is great but he has slow mana…

I I kunchen offers fantastic survivability and is worth the mats as a 5* healer, unless you have one of the other 5* avg speed healers. He is 2 tiles slower, but for those 2 tiles, you gain a def debuff which is an excellent offensive ability, so hes certainly a useful hero. I haven’t tested him at 80. But if he can survive long enough to get off his heal (in tank or flank positions), then I think hes worth it.

I reset my level 7 talented rigard and repurposed the emblems to ariel

Rigard will take 505 emblems to get maxed, Kunchen 1500… Maybe you could first max Rigard. Once you got Kunchen with 1000 emblems reset the other guy and max him instead. That’s what I’m gonna do :man_shrugging:
Any how, don’t split the emblems. Get to +20 one ASAP.

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