Kunchen and Ariel...which one get the cleric tokens?


i got Kunchen and Ariel in the Atlantis summons. Both will be leveled to 4/80, but i would give only one the cleric tokens.
But i don´t know, which of them?
What´s your opinion?


I gave my emblems based on use. Are you going to use them the same amount?

My opinion would be give them to the one you will use more.

I gave mine to Rigard but will have a maxed Kunchen at some point over the next 6 months (he’s at 60 with 1 tabbard).

I would give them to Ariel, the mana bonus is huge on a healer.


I suggested giving the one that will be your main defense team / usage heroes. Both have their strength - other than both healers - is there other purple / blue that you r using? (5* heroes) which hero work well w your other team?

Even thought ariel is a average mana users - Kunchen able to reduce defense n help your overall team.

Consider all the heroes before putting in. 1500 emblems is alot. :slight_smile:

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