Emblems from Kunchen to Rigard, it's crazy or not?

Hi everyone,

I’m starting to think to remove emblem from Kunchen actually +7 to place them on Ringard that will be then +20 with emblems left, and i have also costume for him.

I got lucky and pulled Telluria and then find my new tank and remove Kunchen from defense actually using with good success this suggested here in the forum:

Seshat+8- Mitsuko+9- Telluria+9 - Proteus+20 - Joon+8

Then I don’t really find any place for Kunchen his slow mana is painful and I think that Ringard will be of a better use and then reset emblems from Kunchen. I’m going in this directions bit just want to ask everyone:

Is it a good decision to reset emblem from a good 5* to place them on (maybe) more useful 4*?

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Personally I think everyone should have at least one +18 Rigard before anyone else gets cleric emblems.

But I don’t have any direct heal fancy 5*s so I may just be jaded.

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Yeah i’m thinking that too. I’m in this situation because I get Ringard just not long ago amd i’m levelling him now and due to Telluria lucky pull I don’t need Kunchen as defense tank anymore.

Thanks for the advice!

Do it. The emblems go so much further on a 4*. Proprotionally, each node has a bigger effect and costs less. Rigard is someone you’ll be using in 4* tourneys and 4* challenge events. Can’t say the same for your boy Kuch. Do you have another good def-down hero like Wilbur?

I had areil before I pulled a rigard no costume was a tc20 pull so my emblems went to her.
But rigard is worth emblems he’s cleanse is his main function that makes him great.

Op I’d only strip kuchen if your gonna use rigard more in the future

I personally have +15 on my Rigard (mainly use his costume these days tho).

Then all the rest have since gone to Ariel (now also +15)

Unless you’re actually using Kunchen for some critical role (e.g. war or normal defence tank) I would say that the Emblems are more useful on Rigard, particularly if you have his costume…

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Don’t have Kunchen, but I think Rigard has more utility

Kunchen is a high level tank, but other than that the slow mana is a drag

Rigard, with a level 23 mana troop (or with a costume and a level 5 mana troop) charges in 9 tiles which is a huge difference.

If you have the costume, I would say without doubt you have to strip Kunchen. Without it, it’s closer, but I think I still would

Why +18 and not Rigard C+8?

I did it… and don’t regret it one bit.

Actually have two. One at +18 and one at +7 (just ran out of emblems)

He’s very versatile.

Don have the costume.is it worth it without it?

IMO, Yes; He’s still far more versatile than Kunchen.

You sacrifice the Defence Down for speed essentially… When you’re using him as a cleanser & healer, those 3 fewer tiles make all the difference in many cases…

Plus you (should) eventually get the Costume which will make it all even better.

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yup… rigard costum +18 more usefull especially event and tournament 4* and 5*. For raid attack, he usefull too.

I’m in the same boat. I replaced my Kunchen tank with Telluria, now I’m trying to decide who gets my cleric emblems between White Rabbit, Ariel, Rigard, Grazul, Woolerton.

Kind of leaning toward taking the Rabbit to +18 and replacing my Onatel on defense but I’m still undecided.

Call me crazy but I think Woolerton. You can comparatively cheaply get her to +15/18, which gives her a 30% chance to ignore her own own mana effect, which is pretty good. If you have Poseidon, even better - give her the emblems and paired with him in a 3-2 would be very powerful - as they have same mana speed you fire him first and she ignores her downside automatically

Then Grazul is a good candidate in this meta of burn, drown, mana down.

Grazul can also help Woolerton but that team could be too passive…


There are 2 reason that this MAY make sense:

  1. Use have another hero that drops defense. I Use my +18 rigard over Kunchen against yellow titans because costumed Tibs has a much quicker defense down
  2. Average mana vs. Slow. Getting Kunch’s special skill takes a long time. There are instances when I need to make sure a hero doesn’t die, and my damn rigard would have helped.

I took emblems off my kunch a couple weeks ago and took 2 rigards to +19. Haven’t regretted it at all… been a fantastic decision

Since I just pulled emblems from Kunch to put on 2 Rigards, I’m gonna say no, you’re not crazy.

Since we went to Tell as tank, Kunch was only for my mono purple team, and he can do fine without emblems there. Rigard can go 4-1 on other teams to help with Tell-GM/JF-Vela and their status effects. And they are everywhere…

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