Should I give Rigard's talents to Kunchen?

I’m very satisfied with costumed Rigard and I also have Kuchen waiting for mats. When that day comes I’ll be in a quite a pickle. So I need your help. Main thing that bothers me with Kunchen is his slow mana. If it were average I wouldn’t give it second thought. Rigard has 19 talents now. Rest of my main def team is Poseidon, Santa, Telluria and Vela.

Rigard is better except on tank.
Keep him as he is.


Yep, Santa is tank. Thanks!

The only reason to do it would be if Kunch is going to tank on your defence… And IMHO he’s not.

Rigard will be useful with the emblems in attack, Kunch will be useful in attack without them… Rigard gives more flexibility with the costume option also.


Really? I would’ve assumed to had Telly at tank with Vela and Santa flanking.

Try it both ways and see which holds more cups, but unless Santa had A LOT more emblems I’d be stunned if he holds more.

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Santa has 6 talents, Tell and Vela on 3/70. I’m one tonic away from ascending Tell but I still reckon Santa is better tank because of his slow mana and being nerfed recently.

Telluria will be a better tank once you have her and Vela maxed. That combo doesn’t feel much different even after the nerf and can still jump on you quick whereas Santa’s slow mana gives blue snipers a long time to load up.

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Gave my emblems to Rigard © and never looked back…he’s my favourite healer and I have every healer that’s worth something except Ariel.


Costume Rigard is one of my all-time favorite heroes in the game. One of the best heroes you can bring on offense. I recently happened to pull Kunchen from Legends Tavern, but he’s currently sitting at 1-1 as I’m working on leveling Domitia (never thought I’d say that) and waiting for my sixth tabard so I can ascend her and her costume next. Kunchen will likely be the next in line for ascension (competition being Clarissa and Seshat no. 3), although his only use is literally going to be to replace both costume bonus Tiburtus and costume Rigard on my titan team, freeing up a slot for emblemed Domitia in the process. He’ll be part in war hits I’m sure, but on regular raids I don’t see myself ever using him over costume Rigard.

Personally I wouldn’t give Kunchen emblems over Rigard. If he’s the only viable tank one has, then maybe, but if there are options I wouldn’t personally recommend Kunchen as a tank, except for war if your alliance is running purple tanks. I raid exclusively mono purple and will raid a Kunchen tank regardless of the other heroes, even if there are no yellows and possibly even a second purple in one of the wings.


I would literally ascend 6 costume rigards if I had them. You can fully emblem two costume rigards vs one slow ■■■ kunchen


Nope, do not ever strip emblems off your Rigard to give to kunchen. And this is coming from me, who just got kunch from TOL

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