Rigard talent grid

How to invest talent in Rigard? Improve his attack, defense or health? Ideas?

Defense and Health.
Because he needs to stay alive to heal and cleanse your team.


Def>Hp>Atk for every healer

Only my BT is
Beacuse I want higher green titan hits

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Mine is currently +16 and stands at 783 def 1240+hp 640 att, the pic below is him yesterday before I added +def with number 16

  1. Defense
  2. Health
  3. Attack only if you have no choice if it is connected to defense

Very nice +15 Rigard.

Jealous :joy:

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the last 2 talents I’ll add are both hp, which gets him to 1300+hp, I’m debating the 19th talent which is 2% mana gain boost


I would totally not do the mana gain.

I’m pretty much thinking the same, but I might be tempted in the future if I ever draw dark 4* mana troops

I have the troops. I still would not do it. :wink:

I highly approve of this talent path that you chose!

@AirHawk I am an advocate for choosing mana gain. I am curious about your reason for ignoring the mana gain. :slight_smile:

Oh really I thought lvl 23 + the 2% might drop an extra required tile

The mana gain is very helpful in my opinion. It drops the mana troop level requirement down quite a bunch of levels. Level 23 instead of 29 for example.

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This is my viewpoint from a not so whale point of view.

How much does it cost to get to the troop level.

I think majority of the players who have over level 20 troops would not emblem Rigard in that sense.

Most players would have sub level 20 troops. So I would rather bet on the higher heal rather than the mana gain. Rigard’s biggest factor is that he is the only 4* with cleanse and the highest heal %.

Well that’s my point of view anyway. I have 7x 4* dark troops and 4 of it are still at level 1.
Unless I sacrifice all my other troops to a single troop to get to that level, I would not do it at all.

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Like I said, short term plans are not to lvl him past +18, but as I have no other obvious cleric options if I happen to have them sitting there I might just do it, better to have the 2% than not if the emblems aren’t in use anyway :wink:

Actually the other choice is not higher heal, its 2% crit, does not seem useful on Rigard in my opinion.

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Well that is why I would still max him out. I only have Vivica and Elk.

The other famous clerics just seem to elude me.
Rigard to me is still a long term hero rather than short term unless Atlantis gives me Ariel.

But well looking at his talent tree again, I would choose the mana gain since the other one is critical bonus. Health bonus is the last node. So it would be mana gain then health gain.

Yeah but the 19 and 20 uses 1 quarter of the overall talents required for rigard and you gain 2% mana regain boost, and 4% extra heal gained from heal. Overall pretty lame considering the emblems required, no extra stats

1-2 %extra healing ability would of been better, so 42% changes to 43/44%. This seems very appropriate for a cleric

I went health then defense figuring the health provides additional healing from the special skill.

Exactly my thinking — there is no rule that says every hero has to go to +20 before you start using emblems elsewhere. +18 may be the natural stopping point for clerics. That 2% mana gain only helps on offense if you have a mana troop that is at least L17 but not yet L23. On defense, it’s more complicated. But the question of giving those cleric emblems to another hero needs to be considered.

Changing the 20th step to extra healing would beninteresting for those healer-clerics, but not all clerics heal (e.g. Elkanen, Hansel). Perhaps the 20th step on all classes should have been a 9th step in the hero’s special skill, which would provide a proportionate benefit to every hero and make getting to +20 a worthwhile goal.


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