Help! Talent path for Mother North?

Hello friends, I have MN already in 80, my clergy emblems are with Rigard (level 16), who is my best healer at the moment. Now I want to start giving emblems to MN, I have a couple of queries:

1 - What path to take? Defense / life or Life / defense?
Thinking of defense to endure more time in battle, and thinking about life so that her minions have more life too, which one to give priority to?

2 - Rigard is my chief war healer (Rigard - Wilbur - Thorne - Anzogh - Seshat) all with emblems. At what point should Rigard be replaced by MN? Whereas MN is slow mana. Or is it better to wait to have MN with several talents on top to make the change?

Thank you very much to those who help me!

All defense and Health. She needs to stay alive to heal and revive.


My feeling is you should prioritize health, then defense, because of the minions.

The exception is that you should choose the def/attack path at node 8 instead of the attack/health path, since the 3% multiplier for defense there is much better.

MN with emblems is going to be incredibly tanky no matter what path you choose, but I think you’ll see a bigger impact by improving the minion health.

As for your second question- Are you talking about war defense team? Put MN in there at left wing as is, 100%. I’m also not too keen on your defensive structure but that’s another story.

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Thanks! yes… I don’t have too much heroes… those are my better ones at the momento, and mi alliance ask to put blue tank… so… that is my war defense but! Wilbur with 19 talents does a very very good job. Thanks a lot for your suggestions

Yeah I mean more like the alignment of going Red/Blue/Red in the front. It helps defend against green stacks, but when you’re using blue tanks the opponent runs out of green heroes. So having 2 red flanks you give them an easy decision to stack blue against you, which they will have more of. So I’d switch one of the red flanks to a yellow or purple hero instead.

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