Rigard or Vivica - talent emblems

Hi, I need your advice. I have as a healer Rigard and Vivica.

Now I consider which of these clerics I give the cleric emblems.

It may look like this:

Rigard Talent Grid 10 - Vivica Talent Grid 4.


Of course, Vivica is the better healer, as she also creates + 63% defense, but she has slow mana. Rigard, on the other hand, is “medium”.

Please decide without considering which other heroes I have.

At the moment, I do not have a dark 5 * hero, that can change with tc20.!


Rigard is the absolute best hero who gets value out of the talent. The talents are in general not very good, but Rigard with mana shield is excellent. So many Guin tanks with like Gravemaker or Hel or Zeline or Alasie or really just ANY flank that causes ailments to your team, you want Rigard to have mana shield and be able to cleanse your team. It’s so lifesaving.


Vivica gets my emblems, I use her on every raid, while I only use Rigard in war. But I also have Zimkitty and she is a fast cleanser, so Vivica being slow doesn’t bother me that much.

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Thank you.

I don´t have Zimkitty.

My other full leveled 5* are:

red: Anzogh & Khagan
yellow: Drake & Vivica
green: Evelyn & Gregorion
blue: Frida & Magni

No other 5* cleanser.

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I have not personally split emblems between 2 heroes of the same class but that is a 3rd option. One would get only a small percentage chance while the rest of the emblems go to the other. I’m not sure it’s a great idea but worth considering

I’d do rigard, 90% of time I face Viv on defense, she dies before firing her skill or she fires after the rest of her team is dead.

She’s pretty fragile but maybe it’s because there are so many strong dark attackers. Sartana,
kage, panther, khiona, tibs, proteus, merlin, ammeona, cat, Victor all faster than her.

Also, I find rigard cleanse more valuable.

Thank you for your answers. First I will go for Rigard.

Hate to hijack your thread but seems like you’re pretty well decided. I’m in a very similar situation and struggling with the decision myself. Rigard at +9 stats 625-729-1202 with 81 emblems waiting. 34 more emblems and I could have him @640-747-1272 or 640-729-1308 which puts him right on par with base Viv (not on attack but I’m not concerned with that). If I reset Rigard and give all emblems to Viv, she’ll be +5 and @ 714-712-1400. Hmmm. Seems the majority think Rigard but I really hope to get a little more input. Btw, my mana troops for both colors are only @11 so far.

Split use for a powerful roster or boost one for your def.

There’s no answer like this or that is better. Depends on your needs and your usage of those heroes.

I personally already did a reset of two high talented epics to get the first few talents for some legends on def and the next split will come soon.

Go DTR - deep talent roster… :sunglasses:


Good advice @Olmor, thank you. I considered that but it’s hard to talk myself into it considering how slow these emblems are in coming.Think I’ll bring Rigard to +11 (625-729-1272) and cut him off to work on Viv. It’s really gonna be rough when Hatter finally gets his tonics considering all three of them are next to useless without their specials and their talent helps ensure they can use them. That crossroads is a ways off though. Thanks again.

Yes, talents grow very, very slowly.

I’m going to level at least 2 of each class up to the first crossroads (+4) and then I will focus on the most useful one up to the next crossroads or start with the next class member.

My goal is to level everybody to the 4th talent. Even the initial talent improves almost every hero.

Well there’s an interesting proposal @Olmor! Definitely food for thought. I like the theory but you must have a whole Lot more patience then I do bud. The initial benefits from the talent themselves would be nice and evenly spread out, but you wouldn’t really be boosting any one hero’s stats much, and in many cases that’s what I find to be the best part of emblems. How much that matters depends on the individual hero of course…hmmm…

Which hero do you use more often? With so many yellow tanks, it’s probably Rigard?(unless you play with Vivica in tough “ordinary” levels and sometimes have Problems there)

At one point you might get a better cleric and might want to transfer the emblems. Until this happens, you get more additional power from skilling 4* heroes you use. Unless you are free to play, Vivica is no high end hero you would want to fully commit by slowly skilling her.

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IMO: make your best even better.

Vivica is present on many high level raid defenses. She’s more likely to be in your war defense than Rigard is (IMO). She’s also got more health, more defense, more attack…

Make your best better.

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I will vote Rigard. Not my favorite healer. As a healer, I would prefer Viv, but your lack of a 5* dark means Rigard fills out a diamond level team better.

Your emblems would benefit Rigard twice as much as Vivica.

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