Talent opinions?

So, have a bunch of tokens for leveling Agwe…should I pump hp/def or attack/def…or mix and match as the tree fills out?

I’m of the mind that def/attack is more solid since I’ve got the heals when I need them.

Also for Gaderius…Sumitomo…and Ares (when he’s maxed).

I’m thinking Ares will get HP when possible though.


I just wouldn’t bother giving emblems to Agwe, he’s not gonna suit you for long term use.
You’ve got Rigard and Hansel in his class that will outlast him, and theres a ton of better blue 4*s too.

If you are dead set on him though, his stats are pretty well balanced so you could beef up his attack as much as possible with HP as second priority

Tanks and PvP healers (wich you put in your defense) should be sturdier:
Def > HP > Atk

Heroes that have to deal damage should just focus on their job:
Atk > Def > HP

Much appreciated. Pretty much what I assumed. I just didn’t want to mess anything up.

Agwe-attack, def
Sumi-HP, attack
Ares-HP, def
Gadeirus-Def, attack

But like everyone said, better keep emblems for Rigard/Hansel and dont think about Agwe

Not sure where Hansel came from or why he was mentioned, don’t have that hero. Sound about right otherwise.

I never thought about this before, but def for Sumitomo would decrease his reflect damage…terrible choice, hp is the way to go for sure for him.

I’ve got Rigard on my talent list, 3rd level and focusing on AC-HP. He’s going to be a beast.

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