Rigard or Bloodtusk?

I’ve been using Rigard and have him leveled up to the final ascension level (need mats). I just drew Bloodtusk, and have read that he’s a preferred hero. Should I swap these? That would leave me with Tiberius or Cyprion for a purple card… OR I can ditch Gormek and use BT after he’s leveled up as my tank/ second healer/ good buffer?? Hmmmm

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They are both preferred heroes. Rigard heals more (among the best at that) and cures status ailments. Boldtusk greatly boosts attack but heals less. I use Rigard for the heal and BT for the attack boost, sometimes together.

BT works well with the pulverizers (Tiburtus or Gormek or Grimm) by increasing their attack.


Thanks for the insight!

I pulled my first 5* yesterday - Ranvir
Is he a decent hero? I’m currently using Wu Kong, so I look forward to leveling him up

Both Rigard and Boldtusk are some of the best 4*. It would be difficult to pick only one. Rigard has the edge when it comes to healing but Boldtusk can be a good tank or flank, plus his att buff is pretty good.

Why not use both? A healer/cleanser + a healer/att buffer + 3 strikers sounds like a good team in defense and offense.

Edit. Congrats dude, Ranvir is a great hero imo. I hope I get him during Atlantis :slight_smile:

Thanks for your input!!!

This kind of hints are greatly useful, and current in any ally. Why don’t you try to join an alliance?

Kunchen may be one of the top two healers in the game, and he’s purple.

And I prefer Rigard, because Rigard is Avg speed, where as Kunch is slow. I run in high diamond and have been to the top spot overall - I run mono purple and Rigard still holds down my healer position.

BT used to be on my mono-red team, but with Zimkitha giving some of his attack buff and Anzogh covering some of his healing (and hitting all), he’s been moved to the 2nd team.

BT is still VERY good, but Rigard is, Imo, the best at what he does.

But like someone above said, run them together and 3 strikers, and you’re golden

Rigards is the best healer + debuff ingame , with full emblem he will get more Def and similar Health as Ariel , Ariel still better in Attack which is not needed for Rigards.

if you got Purple Mats , dont do Kunchen , better keep it for Seshat (next HOTM) , do Rigard and full emblem him.

All true but, for F2P players such as myself we will likely never have Kunchen or Zim unless we are VERY, VERY lucky in Atlantis. We have to use the commonly available heroes among whom Rigard and BT are right at the top for healers.

Just save a pair of fine gloves and compass for the likes of them. Both are useful . All depends on what your roster looks like and of u need a full fledged healer or a partial healer w damage buff

You didn’t understand my point - perhaps it was unclear - I’m saying that I prefer Rigard even over Kunchen. Therefor As much as I like BT, Rigard is my suggestion to the original poster to use. I view Rigard as the second best healer in the entire game, including all 5stars - just after Ariel. BT is good, but he’s not that good.

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My $0.02 is BT over Rigard…why? Titan hits which should be a priority. Rigard has horrible tile damage and no way to boost it. 48% attack is awesome…and he heals.

My question to the OP is how long have you been playing E&P?
I think the answer is both. AM should not be a problem or you should close to having by the time BT gets to 3:60
If I was you I would be same color feeding unless you have a good deep bench of heros or are power feeding a 5* you already have AM for.
Just my opinion

Sorry, you’re right I ddn’t. I was confused by where Kunchen had come into the conversation.

However, I did comment that I use BT more for the attack boost than for the heal.

I wish I had Bloodtusk. He seems like a better version of Boldtusk.

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I know that this is late but you clearly have not met my emblemed Rigard(4.70-17). His attack is 699. Oh and I’ve maxed his costume too. What a cheap 5 star to have.

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