Kunchen what is your impression and how good is he?

I was lucky enough to get him twice in a 10 pull in wonderland. I cannot see a rating for him anywhere.

Which position in your team is he best suited? Tank, side flank?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

He’s a straight upgrade to Rigard, and Rigard is one of the best healers in the game.


He is pretty decent. I don’t typically use healers a lot, but he can be a good addition depending on what other heroes you have.

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He’s a great healer. He’s one of the few slow mana heroes tanky enough to cast his special reliably in raids, and also has an offensive component in his defense debuff to punish opponents for letting him cast. I have no reservations about giving him 6 tabbards.


My Panther was going to get tabards first. Until i pulled him my choice was between her and Sartana! But now that i have him, and i desperately wanted a tanky healer for my 5* team, I’m trying to level him up to 3/70 before my 6th tabard hits! My plan is to put him on flank next to my Onatel tank. But, I’ll be playing around with positions after everyone is leveled up.

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Thanks for your input.- really appreciated I will level him up ASAP

I played a couple times against him as a tank and I think he needs to be average. He would be still not as good as Guinevere but a solid tank!

This is good info. Mine is stuck at 60 for a while but good to know he is useful.

Victor just got my last 4 trap tools and tabbards.

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I think that I have a worse dilemma to choose between Ares, Santa, Onatel and Kunchen. By far my prference goes to Kunchen because his special is instant , and it may less effective to stack the yellows to be against him. Jackal may be good but squishy. Still I am not 100% sure and persuaded. Usually Anchor will help but now he‘s gone. Sigh.

Feed him Emblems…

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Got him on a 1 pull. I’m currently leveling him up to replace Rigard.

Working with Balthazar for so long, it’s been some getting use to having a healer in my team, but both Rigard and Kunchen have both saved my rump a few times now.

There have been two fairly active discussions about Kunchen that may be of interest as well:

There are also several other threads comparing Kunchen to other heroes that you can find by searching.

Thanks zephyr1 have finished levelling Kunchen and he is awesome. I currently have him in the flank or side position. With gravemaker as the tank and Elena in between for added protection.

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