Rigard or Costumed Rigard?

Which version of Rigard do you think is better? I like the attack boost of costumed regard but HoT is significantly less effective than direct healing. The stat boost of regular Rigard is definitley clutch and allows Rigard to be even more competitive as a 4* in diamond where 4*s are less and less common


Cleric for defense. Ranger for offense, especially if your purple stack has Sabina.


Also, I have Guin and Marie-Therese so I certainly don’t need another HoT hero on my team. But for cases other than my own, on a more general basis, which one would you prefer?

I vote Dapper Dan.

Cure ailments, attack buff, and HoT = ftw.


It depends :smile: Most of the times I would take the costumed regard because the 48 % attack bonus makes quite a difference. Also, 609 HP is a substantial amount of HoT, especially for people who have no or only few fully ascended 5* heroes.

For raid tournaments with buff booster, the costume is almost always the obvious choice.


Great point! Plus it’s over 3 turns, rather than 4, like many other HoT heroes.

I’m thinking a Costumed Rigard/Grazul combo will be my #2 war team. I can that being a badass healing/support combo for a team

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Another vote for costume Rigard. +48% attack is awesome. And with the mana bonus the costume gives you can charge him in 9 tiles with only a level 11 troop. That means he can fire quick enough for heal over time to be an asset. If heal all at once fires too early then much is wasted.

I have Gandalf’s costume on charging him in 9 tiles and the heal over time has been really great. Big asset


What?!?!? I knew they got stat buffs but I didn’t know mana was included! I just looked and you are right, he also gets a 5% mana buff! That’s so clutch since i have a mana troop past level 11!

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Costume Rigard because of that 48% attack boost, cleanse, and heal over time.

Seems OP to me. He’s already one of the most used 4* in diamond, now while other costumes get a 10% increase in one skill or other he gets an entirely new ability. I have his costume, I just don’t have him yet.

Am I missing something or Ranger class is totally useless on a healer?

Besides that, costume boost is impressive and it’s another reason to raise my 2nd Rigard (first one is +20)


You will get him eventually from TC13 or better TC20 :slightly_smiling_face:

True, he is already one of the best and most used heroes and gets even better. However, his change to ranger class is, as mentioned, also a downside.

Good luck for you to draw him :four_leaf_clover:


To be fair to ranger class, costume rigard does have a nice attack up and in a stack, if his troop tile hits and bybasses a defense buff, that’s not a bad thing.

As for which I prefer, depends on the tank I’m battling, if it’s a high damage tank like gm or ursena, I take the instant heal, if it’s a more passive tank, I take the costume.


It depends. Are you attacking Guin? Probably best to use classic Rigard with his cleric ability. Are you attacking Delilah? Dapper noble!

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As you level up your troops and get faster heroes, the HoT is many times better than an instant heal. Instant heals often times get wasted. The +ATK bonus makes it over the top. No need to hold onto his special unless you know you need the cleanse (triple bonus).

I have chased Aeron whenever he came up, but never got him. Costumed Rigard is arguably better for my needs.


If the costume is ascended, does the costume mana bonus affect the regular Rigard and give him mana boost even if he is not wearing the costume as Dapper Rigard?

The new dapper version is almost always my preferred choice. The attack up plus panther’s purple down makes even Victor’s hit meaningful, while Sartana and Seshat hit like trucks


Twenty times: yes…

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That’s not really a reply to me is it? I said if you don’t want Guin stealing Rigard mana, his cleric ability will be useful against her. But otherwise dapper noble will be better.

Costume Rigard shines as the only Purple attack buffer for Titans. Especially since you can mana potion him up.

The ranger class may seem weird but consider that most people don’t have Red Hood so they will be very happy with him in Class challenges.

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