Costume rigard vs grazul

I am probably one of the only fans of Grazul. I use her a lot in offensive raids, especially against Kunchen, with a red yellow stack.

That said, I am contemplating stripping her of her emblems and maxing out costumed rigard and then sticking him onto my defense team.

I have a pretty weird defense team, the kind only a “cheap” to play player would be stuck with (see image).

Let me know your thought? Both on moving over the emblems and on using him instead of grazul for defense.

You are definitely not the only one, Grazul is amazing on offense and I use her a lot. She’s great mainly against heroes with specials you can’t cleanse with Zim/Rigard/Viv/etc, so Onatel comes to mind first and I’m pretty sure I’ll be using her a lot against Telluria too. Costumed Rigard is one of the best 4 * heroes currently available, tough choice :wink: I’d incline to costumed Rigard before Grazul, if I had to choose.

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Why do you say this?
I have max costume Rigard(+20)and i am very happy!I also have Grazul!Personally I would never take the emblems from her even though she is a hero who can even offer at 4.80!Don’t tease her and start concentrating on him!Imagine that sooner or later you will get them!

I have both. Grazul is absolutely underrated, but costumed Rigard is borderline OP with emblems (I wouldn’t take him past 19). That said, it looks like Grazul would be better for your defense.

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So, after way too much thought for two heroes in a game, I have decided I wont strip grazul of her emblems, but I will stop giving them to her until rigard is maxed. I think he will have a lot more utility over the long run but I don’t like the idea of weakening my defense team.

I wish costumed rigard was a paladin,monk or rogue though instead of a ranger though. No idea what, if any, value being a ranger gives this dude.

I’d probably switch Isarnia and Drakes positions.

I have tried isarnia in the flank with drake at center and in general I find myself waking up to a much lower trophy count when I do that. This lineup keeps me around 2550 trophies somehow.

Isarnia seems to be a very underrated tank, mine has 880 def when paired with those troops. My guess is that people are stacking blues instead of greens against me, assuming they will knock out isarnia before she goes off, even without using greens, and then she goes off before they knock her out.

That said, if I had Kunchen or Ursena, I would probably use them instead. :smiley:


Grazul does her job just as well without emblems. Rigard© becomes a true force to be reckoned with when talent-maxed.

It feels bad (for me) to move emblems from a 5* to a ‘lesser’ hero, but Rigard makes the cut. Grazul won’t be less useful, so I’d say make the switch.

I’ll also point out that Grazul is pretty easy to work around when she’s on Defense. Rigard, not so much.

Nice. That makes total sense!

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