Is costumed rigard op

Is costumed rigard op. Every since I leveled his costume up I feel like he’s my best hero. He’s better than vela, joon, sartana and every other 5 star I have.

He’s very useful… I don’t think he’s OP, and he shouldn’t be more useful than 5* hero’s if you’re using them properly.

The difference is that he’s very easy to use and improves most teams - you can throw him in almost anywhere and find him useful

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Bubblesuk I know he’s not op but he is very potent

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I use to have a maxed Khiona on my purple team for atk boost and slight heal. Costumed Rigard put her on the bench.

Costume + Emblems = Best purple healer in the game and at least in the top 4 game-wide.
Is it OP?

No more than Wilbur or Buddy. Heck, Buddy doesn’t even need emblems. I personally think its great to have 4-stars that compete or even rival 5s.

I agree Rigard with costume is absolutely amazing hero. Make him +20 and he will be better than most 5* heroes in game. Hell, he is probably better than Kunchen, I’ve got both and just the mere fact Rigard needs only level 5 mana troops to power up with only 9 tiles & he gives quite substantial HoT and attack boost is irreplaceable :wink:

He becomes a purple Boldtusk with a much better heal and a cleanse.

He puts Gadeirus to shame lol. Same skill basically without the weak hit and with better speed. And a cleanse!

Rigard with costume is one of the best healers and support heroes in the game.


To the extent that 4 star heroes can be OP, yes.

Let’s put it this way, if there were no 5 star heroes, he would be absurdly OP. All spenders would have 6 maxed dupes of him and use him at least 80% of the time.

Overall he’s as powerful as a middle of the road 5 star, and in terms of versatility he’s probably a top 10 hero in the game.

The funny thing is, I thought standard Rigard was a great hero but probably overrated on here. Giving him an attack buff without losing any material benefit is just so huge for his usefulness.

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I just maxed costumed Rigard. I don’t have any maxed 5* rangers so Tibrutus and Triton are both +19 atm.

I think that old Tibbs is going to see himself naked soon, too bad about resources but hey, I don’t have Kunchen or Khiona. Rigard is pure gold.

Just a reminder that Costumed rigard still only uses the cleric embles…they just translate over to the corresponding ranger nodes.

(in case I was reading that you were going to use ranger emblems on costumed rigard)


Ou darn. Thank you, I didn’t knew that. Well, good for you Tibby.


This sums up my thoughts perfectly. He’s very good, and putting him in the Ranger class was the RIGHT move. Those that say it doesn’t make sense are ignoring that he’d become too powerful (again, for a four star) in just about any other class. It had to be either Barbarian, Ranger, or maybe Wizard.

There’s nothing wrong with making a widely accessible four star very powerful. In fact, doing so is an extremely F2P / C2P friendly move.

I am just about to max a third costumed version and have a fourth waiting.


I can totally agree on what most people said here. I had my Rigard on 11 emblems for months. I was going to strip away emblems from Boril to give them to Elkanen ( currently only green 5* that could make it to my def team to finally have it rainbow…). After maxing Rigards costume I decided to emblem him to 18 first, before I give the rest to Elkanen… I liked him before, but now he is one of my most used heroes. Five more of him are waiting to get leveled.

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If anything, I think Ranger class for Dapper Noble Rigard is what keeps him balanced – imagine if he had a better one like Fighter (a la Boldtusk)?? He’d be nutty.

Ranger talent doesn’t work with his skill – though he does help allies with tile damage at least – so it seems like giving him Ranger class was intended.


Imho Costumed Rigard is op, the cleanse, healingblike gauderius turn by turn and bonus attack is insane. Oh, when it goes with emblems it is tricky, as tou have to use emblems for cleric - for uncostumed Rigard, but pay attention on the talenta path of the costumes if tou want to max defence/life. The stats with maxed emblems looks like:

not op, but stronger than aeron. aeron should buff all, not just nearby.

I don’t think he’s OP, also considering he’s pretty easy to get, so many people can benefit from him.
Surely, it’s quite strong, but it’s also the purpose of costumes and emblems: allow the 4s to compete (not necessarily win) against 5s.

A little OT question: I have two Rigards, if the first one wears the costume, would the second get the statistics boost anyway?

You have to level up the cosume separately for each copy of the hero. If it’s leveled for that copy, you get a bonus whether he wears it or not.

I am still damn chasing his costume. I am not spending on the costume portal though as I only used the available keys from various sources, but I already got Joon and Lianna’s costume, along with several of the 3 and 4 star heroes available (except Boldtusk which I don’t care as it seems his costumed version is a nerf of the beloved BT). I feel Rigard’s costume is avoiding me. I really envy you, guys.

Recommend maxing BT costume for the stat boosts, most specifically the mana gain. Charging in 9 tiles makes him much stronger, and that is possible with a fairly low level mana troop. You don’t have to use the dumb chef version to get the stat boost

On topic, costumed Rigard outshines BT now, he is that good

I really envy you… I did at least 20-30 costume pulls and no 5s… not even sonya, li xiu etc.

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