Noob needs help choosing 4* team

I am relatively new to the game and need help choosing who to make my main team of 4*. My heros are Grimm, Caedmon, Boril, Scarlette, Coleen, Tiburtus, Wu Kong, Skittleskull, Hu Tao, and Chao. I was thinking Wu, Grimm, Scarlett, Tibur and Caedmon. I like Colen but his Mana speed is slow where Scars is fast. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Because u dont have a healer i suggest you level up boril as his tank abilities will be more useful for u in defense and attack

The rest of the ones you chose are good

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Should I use Boril (blue) in place of Grimm ? I see Grimm is like a god in these forums. Thanks

He is really great, keep him and level him up later or if u dont mind having 2 blues then replace him with tib

All ramming pulvelizers are very useful, especially if you don’t have Wilbur. You likely will play them for a long time.

Grimm is ok on a defence team, but he shines on attack - high tile damage, and def down special.

Boril is a sturdy tank, can keep attackers away for a while.

You could also experiment and see what works best for your playstyle on attack and what defense brings less defeats.

If you choose Colen for defence, then put him on flank (next to the tank), because slow mana is unlikely to charge special on wing. Scarlett is high tile damage and more offensive hero, I prefer her over Colen.

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I am not sure what strength your heroes are at, or if you are looking for defence or attack team.

And not sure if you are looking to play a rainbow team or colour stack.

The only real tank that you have is Boril.

The main issue with your roster is you don’t have a healer.

In my honest opinion I would try:

Grimm, Wu Kong, Boril, Caedmon, Tiburtus.

However if WU is not really levelled he can be a bit of a glass hero so you need to consider if Hu Tao might be better until you build your team roster

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As already noted your problem is that you miss a healer.

This means that you

a) Need to kill as fast as possible.

b) Reduce the Incoming Damage.

c) Use the toughest heroes avaulable.

For a) you go with Wu kong, Grimm other fast heroes and color stacking.

For b) you go with Scarlett

For c) you go with Boril.

So not taking your opponents team into account ( with the exception that it has a red tank ) I would go with Boril, Grimm, Scarlett, Cademon and Wu Kong.

Good luck with summoning a healer soon. :smile:

P.S. This is mostly offensive thinking.

On defense you might go with,

Cademon - Tiburtus - Boril - Wu - Scarlett

Dont expect to much of this but right now you have to work with what you have.

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If you have a 3* healer, you may want to consider leveling and throwing a few emblems on them now. At least until you pull a 4*. Don’t discount 3* with emblems, they can be extremely helpful.

Whatever you do DON’’T feed them away!!

Boril on the defense and Grimm on the offense team.

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