Rigard costume and counter attacks

I was just told by SG support that Rigard-c debuffs allies and does not affect enemies. I have been using him prior to this to break counter attacks, the same as melendor, sabina, Sonya and caedmon. Until the change with the last update.
So am I crazy? Is anyone else having this issue? Can anyone help, is this why the debuff wording was changed?

Rigard (both normal and costume) has always been a cleanser, not a dispeler. Are you sure you are not mistaking him for Sabina?

P.S. Happy birthday!


Then does that mean that Sandy-c won’t break counter either? The wording on the debuffs are the same

Oops I mean Sonya and thank you for the birthday wishes

Yes, they are both cleansers: they dispel status ailments from ALL ALLIES (e.g. they cleanse DoT, attack debuff, defence debuff, etc.).

Regular Sonya is a dispeler who can remove counterattack from the enemies.

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Sonya with costume cleanses, just as Rigard does. Sonya without costume debuffs, just as Melendor does.

Thank you for the clarification. Much appreciated

Happy cake day. Sorry, not knowledgeable enough to respond to your question. Thank you for askinh though as I may level him next.