🍵 Riddles of Wonderland: Jabberwock – Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Theta is a random number between 0.35 and 1.25 ( I think). It’s what gives the variation in damage numbers for hits from the same hero against the same enemy.

How do you know what stacks and what overrides? There doesn’t seem to be a hard and fast rule. Like Kiril overwrites Grimm and vica-versa. At least thats what ive been told. HELP!

Thank you.

Now How do you decide the value of theta for each hero?

You don’t. The random number generator does. It is a different number for every attack.It is not hero dependent.

So plug-in 0.606 plus your atk and def in to the equation, then plug-in 1.649 plus atk and def in to the equation, and you will have the upper and lower limits of your damage. It is random between those two numbers


By reading Dave’s thread as last backup plan.


A good but perhaps oversimplified rule of thumb is if they share the same icon, they won’t stack. And more interestingly in this case, since they’re undispellable it seems as though casting Cheshire Cat after Jabs will not overwrite Jabs

And for DoT overall is the elemental factor.

You can’t have multiple fire/poison/soon-to-be water at once, but you can have different element at once.

So Marjana DoT overwrite Gravemaker, that can overwrite Jean, that can overwrite Kelile.

But if you apply poison or water or sand, they both stack.


So no one is using this guy and can report back yet? Any good synergies? Is he as unique and practical as he seems?

Can report only that fought him in couple of defenses- one was +13 and the other +17 - destroyed me :smile:

Not the DoT stacking, I am referring to the shifting/rearranging of characters so new ones become the edges. Might work well with CC.

Yeah I knew what you meant. Just saying that it’s disappointing they won’t both be able to deal damage since undispellable poison is a nice effect

Hes definitely one of my prized heroes! Was honestly looking for a yellow or blue (White Rabbit or Alice) with the few 10xs I was willing to do. Can’t lie was a bit disappointed when I seen him pop up then I read his stats and leveled him to 3/70 right away. He is really good. Just a shame I’m 4 tabards short after taking Seshat to 4/80. I’m so stacked at purple right now I’ve actually thought of leveling a hero I have kept for no apparent reason… Mok-Arr! Lol gotta do something with the guy


@calsr821 Yeah he had the most impressive stats (ATK/DEF/HP) of any of the wonderland heroes. What do you like about him in particular and in what kind of teams do you use him?

I plan to start on him before the end of the year. I’m finishing a second proteus so I never have to worry about finishing legendary portion of events ever again. Then I may level the Rigard costume I got so I can essentially have a purple boldtusk.

I have the tabbards fortunately, but he will be my first ascended purple 5*. I’ve had a Sartana (for months), other classic purples, Marie, etc but wanted to wait for a truly worthy candidate, and he feels like the one.

I’m not sure if Jabberwock is the best candidate for first Purple 5* hero. Definitely much better than Marie. What I like about Jabber, he doesn’t need much help from other heroes. And he is wonderful when opponent has 2 spread out heroes. Reaching both anyway.

I have many purple 5* heroes maxed and can say that Jabber is very fun to use. Of course great helper as well. 0 regrets that I maxed him. I could max second Kageburado, second Hel or some other purples but I chose to max Jabberwock. Marie-Therese was mistake, good skills but she is slow and her help comes to late.

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@Builderbooo My only other purple options are Sartana, Quintus, Thoth, or Marie. I’d max a Kage if I had him or a Seshat, but I don’t. Jabs ability is quite functional and unique though so I deemed him my best purple option by a large margin.

Jabberwock will not be good help against Guinevere as a tank. Therefore Sartana could be better option as first purple 5* hero. But I think Kage is coming soon in Atlantis. Who knows maybe you will be lucky. Sartana with costume also could be amazing. Only we don’t know when Sartanas costume is coming. And have to get it also.

@Builderbooo I’m not holding my breath for any particular costume. The 5* costumes are still stupid rare and plenty of chance to get one that’s of no use to me at all. So maxing Sartana in hopes to get her costume from my 1 monthly chance feels like a bad idea.

Jabs can’t hit Guin, sure, but as part of a purple stack he adds good tile damage. I’ve also got Kingston and Black Knight nearly maxed to share the load. No sniper can kill Guin before she goes off anyways, but Jabs adds a skill no one else can. We’ll see if I pull Kage before the end of the year

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Well to be honest and fair, I have only used him in one war. I currently have Hel, Seshat and Kunchen at 80. But I do know that when I get 4 more tabards hes going to 80 as well. I think that I put him with 2 other fast mana dmg dealers like Seshat or Poseidon, and I would weeken the tanks with tiles and work my way out to in rather then in to out (tanks being in) if he hits 2 heroes at once at 300% and both corners being hit with a Seshat or Poseidon it wont take long to reach the tank. I’ll be the first to say this as well, at least his special doesn’t take up the entire middle of the screen blocking your view while you’re trying to make matches against a titan. That’s a bonus for me! I dont have him at 80 yet so I have not been able to test him to much but I think he is worth everything needed to take to 80. Some say that hes better at this or that but like I said I’d throw at least 2 fast mana dmg dealers in there with him and he would be worth his weight in gold.

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Jabberwock is a little OP.

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