Richard vs vela

So i pulled vele today and i was wondering who i should max richard or vela?
Richard is a good tank that i dont have on 5* but i have boril, thoughts?? Thx

Do you need to have a blue tank? Richard at 4/80 will be better than Boril.

Vela being fast will be more useful than Richard in general. Possibly as tank as well, depending on the flanks and who you are facing in wars.

I have grazul maxed with 800 defense, so i should play with grazul tank and vela flank and wait a bit with richard?

Sounds like a decent plan. Vela is a bit more optimal with a green tank (since a green tank would attract red heroes and Vela hits red heroes harder), but since there are not so many decent green tanks (so far), Grazul tank is ok, and a green hero as other flank (ideally, Zeline) could work well.

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It depends on your roster, but I’m often fine with Medium speed blue heroes like Richard because there’s so much good synergy at that speed. If you use heroes like Grimm and Kiril on raids I think Richard is better because that can be a devastating combo.

Richard will be a better tank than Boril, and also a better tank than Grazul imo. For a 5* tank I’d personally say go with Richard.

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In my honest opinion, I would have Richard as Tank before Grazul. And I have both these heroes on max


Grazul is not a tank material, even his defense is 800ish.
Richard is good tank, and Vela for general purpose (I’m not sure yet), because my vela not yet maxed, and I still pay attention to Vela in the main thread to get more info about how to use her.

Yes but i have 5 telescope in 6-7 minths of playing and im not sure what hero to max richard or vela when i will have 6 telescope

If he’s your first blue 5 star I would go Richard. He’s a solid all-arounder, while Vela is more specialized.

Vela should flank a green tank.

It may be best to bring both to 3-70 and decide which one fits into your play style best.

This is probably the best advice yet. :slight_smile:

Although, test driving heroes at 3.70 won’t tell the whole story about how good they’d be as tank.

I don’t have Vela, but I do have both Richard and Grazul maxed.

Talking about tank duty, Grazul is not great because the amount of healing she does is not very much, and she deals no damage, so it is not terribly punishing to keep sending tiles into her, charging your attackers’ specials. She actually shines more on offense than defense, something I would not have expected but people said it and my own experience backs that up. (I still have her as a defensive flank though, next to… Richard. :slight_smile:)

Richard is a solid tank, which has a lot to do with his high defense, but also the damage he does and the -34% attack to 3 enemies (or 2 when the AI is dumb and hits a wing). You will be punished for sending tiles into Richard without killing him.

Vela I think would be capable of tank duty, but my suspicion is she wouldn’t be as good as Richard, because she has lower defense and is not quite as punishing. Though on the other hand, her fast speed is an advantage. Overall I’d still think Richard is the better tank, tougher to take down and more punishing at the same time.

I didn’t talk about Boril btw… he was my first 4* and I’ve always liked him, but he is not in the same league as a Richard or probably any 5*, not really a fair comparison. I don’t know if this is the case but if you’re facing mostly 5* enemies, you’ve outgrown a Boril tank.

So if tank duty is the primary factor, then I would say pick Richard. But for more general use, including Titans maybe, then it’s not so simple… I think you would still consider the rest of your roster, and your play style, and test them both at 3.70 like @aer3 said… but without knowing more I think I’d lean toward Vela for uses besides tank. (My answer to questions such as these is invariably some variation of “it depends”, sorry, lol… it just really does :sweat_smile:)


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