Vela vs Richard (with costume)

Hello guys .
I have maxed four new 4* folks who joined to my crew. They are a total of 15 epics maxed .
Its not close to the number i would like to have for war deepth but is enough for letting me do events , challenges and quest .
As i have only one Compass remaining i think is a good idea max my first 5*
I have 8 scopes and 12 warm capes .

Do i need a tank is the question?
Well i have the following epics that can fit that role

Kashhrek , Li xiu and boldtusk .

Others i have are Sonya and Rigard but i dont like them in that role.

Hitters i have maxed

Tibertus , Grimm, Hu tao, gormek , colen , little John

Healers maxed .
Melendor, Sabina and rigard

Utility ones

Proteus and wu kong

If i max richard i will get the benefict of having a solid tank ! .
On the other hand i dont know how to combine vela with the rest of the crew.

I have the following costumes

Richard Rigard Li xiu Sonya boldtusk.

Before you tell me i need more 4* maxed i already know It but at the moment im missing some good blue like kiril and boril and i dont plan to level Up any 4* duplicate before my first 5*

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On her own, Vela won’t do you much good… given you really need a tank (non of your curent options won’t cut it in diamond) and the fact that you have Richard’s costume, I’d say go with Richard, keep Vela for the next scopes.


Some people i asked in game said that Richard wasnt good enough . I think richard has solid stats.
Thats why i wanted to ask on the forums .

Vela seems to be very useful too. E.g fighting against red titan or stacking . But who is going to stay with her on defense ? kashhrek?

Like a core of boldtusk kashhrek vela

Go with richard, you will never regret it. Same goes for vela, and hell, she is capable of many great things. But i certainly agree that you need a solid tank. Richard is one of the best tanks in the game.

Max both the hero and costume but remember to use him without costume at tank


I would like to remind one thing, after getting richard to 4/1, you will actually be able to max costume much more faster than the original. So max the costume when you take the original to 4th ascension and start using the costumed version. When you max the original, it will be the better version at tank


Go ahead with Richard.

It would be your first 5* maxxed, right?
He is quite more than a good tank, specially with his costume he would be pretty cool.

Vela needs a lot more support, strategy and helpful hands to work, Richard is a good overall option for himself.


Yes i agree richard is much more than a tank. Very versatile hero, i use him everywhere

Thanks ebonest!

Should i pair Richard with bolstusk and colen? Flanking him.

Or something like this

Tibs Melendor Richard Boldtusk Li xiu

This is a legit rainbow defense team. Go with it. Do you have other costumes, too? Tibs, melendor and li xiu’s costumed versions are better, boldtusk is better original

I have all of their costumed version except Mel one.
I will try to pull him next costume chamber

Sorry to hijack his topic but I have a similar situation to his. I have Vela, Richard with Costume and Misandra. All unlevelled. Well, I’m reluctantly starting to level misandra but I’m not sure. I have 6 scopes and 12 capes.

As for my tank, I’ve been using fully maxed Costumed Regard at 4/70-18. I have maxed Kiril and Boril and I’m almost done leveling Buddy. They may not cut it in diamond but I also have unlevelled LotL with all required mats. After finishing off buddy I think I will level her to use her as a tank. But deep down I know that costumed Richard with lvl5 mana troop will essentially be a tank and sniper at the same time plus I can also use rRchard in two emblem challenges.

Am I making a mistake of prioritising Misandra over Richard?

Unrelated note:

Dat’s a funny looking “axe” SGG…



I think your situation is so different from mine.
As you already have LOTL, in my opinion, vela will suit better to you. She will be a treat for those who want to stack reds against you

Lol, this is now getting even more difficult. I’ve already ruled out Vela now you are throwing her into the calculus.

If you have already picked a tank , which is arguably better than Richard , as its Lady of the lake then maxing Richard has not the same value for me.
On the other hand the true battle is between Vela and Misandra. Personally i prefer Vela in a flank position . As i have read here she works very good flanking a green tank.

Good luck whatever you decide Bro ! Nice blues you have

Richard is one of the weakest tanki game.I even think Kashheekkis much better, as he casts protection from red and heals himself. Snotty Rochard just does def. Down which is countered by a buff for attack. Go for Kashhrekk and strenthwn with Vela.

Kashrek ist useless. I go with no red in, even with 3 blue I will win. It is only healing and not even the full team. The def against red is only important if you use red. If you don’t kashrek is not a threat.

Richard is way better and keeps me in diamond.


I think you’re just talking, but no, Richard is a superior tank to Kashhrek.

After a certain point, usually high plat/low diamonds, passive wall tanks like Kashhrek, base Rigard, and even heroes like Ares and Aegir to a certain extent, no longer function. By then you’re competing against players that have a deep bench usually full of snipers, and passive tanks give them a consequence free target to work the board, charge up snipers, then pick off the most dangerous defenders one at a time.

Bad boards notwithstanding, I’ve had many a raid, war, or tourney match where I’ve killed everyone else and the full health Kashhrek, Rigard, Boldtusk, or Melendor is all that’s left. It happens sometimes with riposters like Boril and Cyprian too.

Richard does not give people this option. You have a limited timeframe to kill him before he smashes your offense, and in the immortal words of somebody else: “Richard doesn’t exactly tickle.” Depending on RNG, his primary target can get into slash death range, and the grouping he hits hits a heck of a lot weaker. -34% doesn’t seem like a lot, but it can be the difference between a defending hero dying or surviving long enough to fire.

And Richard is a house with one of the highest base defense score in the game. He’s annoyingly tough to kill.

Raids are rarely about outlasting the opponent. It’s usually a race to see who dies first. Richard helps with killing off the enemy heroes. Kashhrek only slows how fast your guys die.


Is that Richard costume you are wearing on your profile? Does that mean you are biased? Lol Joking. You’ve made a compelling argument.

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It actually comes from SGG’s own ad:


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