5-Star Warriors

I just summoned my first 5* hero…hooray for me! To make the summons even better I received a bonus 5*.

I drew Richard and received Vela as a bonus.

My question is this…to start which one should I spend resources on to level up? I am currently using Grimm as my top ice warrior. He is currently at ascension 3, level 60 (waiting on one more warm cape to ascend)

I would finish Grimm first.
Richard at 3/70 will be more useful then Vela, especially in combination with Grimm.

You want to focus on your 4* heroes first, to build some depth, and they are backbone of your roster.

Lvling 5* is tiresome, and takes ages, so make sure to have enough 4s maxed for events and wars, before you turn over to maxing 5s.


If you’re waiting on a cape to level Grimm, then it looks like you’re short on the mats to level 5* heroes (Congrats on your pull, btw!).

I agree with @FearFury to focus on your 4* heroes first. Having a nice roster of 4* heroes will get you further in the game (map levels, quests, events, etc.) than partially leveled 5* heroes. The further you progress, the more opportunities for mats. Hold on to your 5* heroes, but don’t level them until you are close to getting all the mats. Focus on your 4s for now.

By the time you have the mats to level a blue, you may have more choices than Richard or Vela. But if you’re still in the same spot, then I would level Vela. Richard makes an ok tank. If you’re in an alliance that runs blue tanks for wars, then he’s an option. Otherwise, I don’t find him amazing. Vela has her weaknesses, but is overall a better hero IMO.


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