Richard or Second Magni?

Hey everyone. Looking for some input on ascending an ice hero. I am having trouble choosing between Richard and a second Magni. Richard would give me a little more diversity, but it is definitely tough to ignore the tile attack/ powerhouse special that Magni has. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

I have a single maxed Magni and Richard, and really like both for different reasons.

Magni is great for the high damage, and Fast defense buffing is useful on Offense and Defense.

Richard is great for a notable amount of damage, and more importantly, the attack debuff. So often that saves me, when I can dull enemies while setting up the board for a second round of Special Skills or tile damage.

I also got really lucky on Ice Heroes, and have both Frida and Arthur — so in War, I tend to pair Richard with Frida, and Magni with Arthur, since their target spans align, making them great one-two punches, especially after Kiril.

Grimm and Richard are a similarly useful combo, that can take out a weakened center target, while significantly damaging its neighboring allies, again all the more so if paired with Kiril.

So I’d say in part it depends on how you tend to stack on Offense.


Thank you Zephyr. I also have Frida, Aegir, and Arthur. I really think for some diversity, I may go with Richard. You are definitely correct in saying that his attack drop can be life saving. I think that he will be an asset with regards to my style of raiding. I am now a F2P gamer and new heroes are impossible to come by. Thank you again.

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I lack Aegir, sadly, but that certainly sets you up to slice your roster a few ways for 2-3 flags with 2-3 stack combos (Arthur & Magni, Frida & Richard, Kiril & Frida & Richard, Aegir & Frida & Richard, etc.), or to assemble a nasty mono team for general use.

I think Richard is sometimes a bit underrated. He’s one of the stronger Season 1 5* to me, but the Fast snipers tend to get the most love.

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