Who’s the best to max? Vela, Richard or Magni

Hi guys. Haven’t posted in awhile. In a spot I haven’t been in . Trying to figure who would be the best asset to my team. Note ( none will be on my defense). I have frida 4/70+9. With all the 4’s in blue known maxed. I do have 7 scopes with 20 capes. Any thought in advance . Thank you

Magni first, then Vela. Magni maxed will be helpful to you in wars, raids and against red titans, dealing the most damage especially when fired after your Frida and Grimm (I assume you have him).

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Richard. Frida will enchant his hammer.

Giggity giggity!


Based on your info, I would go for Richard :sunglasses:
Frida and Richard both hit 3 targets and have average mana speed so they would charge at the same time. Fire Frida first then Richard and 3 enemies are dead lol

None will be in your defense ?

I assume then frida is, still Richard is a better tank, magni is a better flanck.

Overall, if your need is general then magni first.
If you use blue tank in war or raids then Richard and swap your emblems.

If you’re looking for titans, vela.

In my honest opinion, if you are looking for a Tank hero go with Richard.
If you want a fast effective blue for war and events etc then go with Magni
Good luck.

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I’m not seeing the value of Vela against titans – increased critical chance is great… unless you’re already aiming for the titan weak spot, at which point you get no bonus (it’s why I’m about to stop bringing Ares into titan fights) – If I was going titans, then Magni; tile damage + hard strike special + protects his neighbors.

Admittedly, I spend most of my titan fights laser focused on the weak spot; if that’s a flawed strategy, I’d appreciate feedback.

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The main trick with vela is more about reducing titan’s attack for a huge amount. As a fast heroe she will protect you from devastating shots on regular basis. Which means you re not force to focus weak spot and use better combos.

10% crit is just a good add.

Of course Ares is better to covering critical aspect, but if you dont have miki, you already need to bring another buffer and a 3-1-1 does not run Well on titan by itself, it will consume a lot of stuff.

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