2nd magni vs richard

I currently have a maxed magni, isarnia, snow white. I am debating on upgrading a second magni vs my first Richard. Any thoughts on which way to go? No costume for either one.

Richard if you have mana troops on 23lvl and/or emblems for him
If no I would max second Magni probably

ir’s really up to your goal: titan? war defense? raid atk?

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I agree with this. One thing to think about is where you would use a 2nd Magni or Richard. Will it mostly be for war and raids?

Do you raid mostly 3-2, 4-1 or mono? If your blue stack raid team is Magni, Isarnia, Snow White plus 2nd Magni/ Richard, then you might want to go for 2nd Magni b/c Isarnia and Snow White are already slow.

However, if you have a lvl23+ mana troop to give Richard, I think Richard would have more synergy with Snow White. Richard gives attack down to the enemy which would be another status ailment for Snow White’s effect. That way you have Magni giving defense-up to 3, Richard giving attack-down to 3, Isarnia giving defense-down to 5. That’s potentially 11 buffs/status ailments that can be removed by Snow White so that she does more dmg. Add C.Rigard to the team to make a 4-1 team and that will be another 10 buffs that can potentially be removed by Snow White.

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In my honest opinion, and I have both these heroes, their costumes and duplicates.
For defence I would focus on Richard first, play him as a tank but just with the costume bonus rather than in costume.
For anything else like raids and war - I would focus on Magni preferably in costume.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

Only if emblemed for paladin class. I think C.Richard is better than Richard+CB if both non-emblemed.

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Sorry yes, you are right. I should have said that in my post.
Richard Paladin with emblems and just the costume bonus in the tank role.

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I’m just replying to the bottom post here, but I definitely now heavily looking at wars, titans, and attack. However, I am considering Richard because I know none of the ones I have are any good as tanks. Unfortunately, without level 23 mana troops, no costume, I was concerned richard won’t be able to hold tank very good. So without the troop or costume is the tank consideration even viable, or just work on magni until i get higher troops and costume?

In short the answer is yes. If you can max Richard, even without the costume bonus and the high level troops he makes a very decent Blue Tank

Good enough for me. Thank you!

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