Magni or Richard

Hi guys, I am new to this game, 3 months only… I’ve got Magni and Richard at 3/70 but only have itens for one. So please help me to choose.

My other heroes leveled are

Hel - full
Sartana - 3/70
Drake - 3/70
Marjana - 3/70
Gregorion - 3/70
Kiril - full
Grimm - full
Wu Kong - full

So now Richard or Magni which should I choose? And why?

If you experienced guys could help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards.

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Magni! Simply because he’s one of the best, quite likely the best standard blue, while Richard is a mediocre 5*. :wink:


Personally, I’d go with Richard simply because he is a great tank and you already have enough snipers. If you didn’t already have the 3 ladies, I would have said Magni in a heartbeat, but I think Richard is what your team needs right now.


Wow that’s an amazing team at 3 months only.

I think @King_Kyree77 has said it - if you want a tank, Richard, but as @Sidhekin and also @King_Kyree77 have said, Magni is overall better.

If you foresee getting a better tank than Richard (I don’t know how you could foresee such a thing), go for Magni


At this rate you won’t have real need for Richard, Magni however is a staple in any decent roster. Fast mana, heavy hitter with a superb defense buff on flanks as part of his special. He’ll be a solid option on both defense and offense any time. Great tile damage as well… You’ll be able to use him at any level… Only downside, his initial relatively low defense. No hero is perfect.

Richard has an incredible defense worthy of an entry to mid level tank. He’s often a good hero to max when no other potions are available. This is not one of those times, lol. Scopes are hard to come by, Magni is your best choice for now. Max him, enjoy him and don’t look back. You won’t regret it…


Magni is more useful, and would help your growth more.

Superb roster.

Magni of course. :blush:

Whatever @Wormwood said

Another vote for Magni. Fast is always nice, and Magni has something the other snipers don’t and that’s a defense buff for himself and two others. Luckily you have some splash hitters too, so it’s not like you’d only have snipers at your disposal. Richard can hold tight and sit at 3/70 for another three months, maybe even another year. He’s good but not great, I’d ascend Isarnia (if you pull her) before him.


Thank you everyone for the help.

But while I was trying to decide what to do with the telescopes I’ve got Isarnia… Now it is even worse my doubts… She will take still at least 2 or 3 weeks to arrive at 3.70 but for sure it is not time enough to get 6 more telescopes… Now what should I do? I am linen to level her up over Magni or Richard…

She hits everyone and drop the defence by 44% is an amazing skill despite of being slow…

Now please I ask your help again


Thanks again…

Ignore Poor Richard. :slight_smile:

The other two are both worth it. Since you are particularly short on tanks, I’d say Isarnia first, as my experience indicates she’s the better of the two in that position.

But it’s a close call, and I have neither hero, so I have no experience with them in other parts of the game, which might rightly influence your decision.

I note however that Anchor’s guide has Isarnia better on titans, while it has Magni better on offence. It also agrees with my impression that Isarnia is the better tank, but otherwise (and overall) considers Magni the better hero on defence, which, on reflection, I rather agree with.

None of which changes my mind: Take my opinion with a grain of salt, but as far as I can tell, Isarnia would be marginally better for you than Magni.

I have 2 years in game and you have a better roster already, sigh …

I prefer Magni over Richard.

Been playing for 10 months & I’m having the same consideration.

Wondering which of the 2 to take to ascend next or if I should hold off for another 5* & work on my 4* instead.

Did a spreadsheet of my roster.

Would appreciate any suggestions.

Element Name Class Stars Chevrons Level
Darkness Khiona Rogue 5 2 60
Darkness Proteus Wizard 4 4 70
Darkness Rigard Cleric 4 4 70
Darkness Proteus Wizard 4 3 60
Darkness Jabbar Monk 4 3 60
Darkness Ameonna Sorcerer 4 3 60
Darkness Sabina Sorcerer 4 3 60
Fire Grazul Cleric 5 2 60
Fire Khagan Ranger 5 2 60
Fire Scarlett Rogue 4 4 70
Fire Kelile Rogue 4 4 70
Fire Wilbur Monk 4 3 60
Fire Gormek Barbarian 4 3 60
Fire Colen Fighter 4 3 60
Fire Scarlett Rogue 4 3 60
Fire Scarlett Rogue 4 3 60
Holy Poseidon Fighter 5 3 70
Holy Li Xiu Monk 4 4 70
Holy Li Xiu Monk 4 4 70
Holy Wu Kong Monk 4 4 46
Holy Chao Ranger 4 3 60
Ice Richard Paladin 5 3 70
Ice Magni Fighter 5 2 60
Ice Grimm Barbarian 4 4 70
Ice Boril Cleric 4 4 70
Ice Sonya Paladin 4 3 60
Ice Boril Cleric 4 3 32
Nature Skittleskull Sorcerer 4 4 70
Nature Melendor Druid 4 4 70
Nature Melendor Druid 4 4 70
Nature Gobbler Druid 4 3 60
Nature Little John Barbarian 4 3 60
Nature Melendor Druid 4 3 60
Nature Kashhrek Wizard 4 2 6

Spend much??? I still find it hard to fathom that many ascension items in 3 months. Richard hits like a truck and is good at tank. You have enough snipers

Are you sure you’ve only been playing for 3 months? If so, how is it that you have Hel, Drake, and Gregorian, who are all past HOTMs–none of which have appeared in Atlantis in the last 3 months? Atlantis would’ve been the only time you could’ve gotten those heroes, and only when they were available in Atlantis.

In fact, Hel hasn’t been available since May of last year. Gregorian last appeared for Summon in June of last year, and Drake Fong last appeared in July of last year.

All the same, I would go with Richard for his damage on three. You already have plenty of snipers.

Edit: Isarnia then over the other two.

I would go richard for sure simply because you dont have a tank but u have a lot of snipers, i dont understand why people chose magni over richard in this situation since magni without emblem is 500+ on defense.
Richard not only is a good tank but hit quite well

Check the card magni hit very well but his defense is pure shiet, dont have any problem against him in raids with a team of 4*

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Richard is your man. His defense is sick and with some emblems his offense can be a plus with that special! He looks to be your main option for tank.

Magni is good but squishy with his low defense. I have Richard and he’s my tank and one of my favorite heroes. Do Richard now, get Magni stuck around 3/70 and save him for second.

Based on ur heroes I’d go Richard

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The reason OP had access to those heroes is because this thread was created in November of 2018. This is a very old thread that somebody searched for and commented on so it popped up again.

Usually when this happens I skipped all the old comments until I find the recent/relevant ones.

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Good observation. I always fail to look at that. I’m guessing this individual has more than leveled up their fair share of blues by now.

Dang you, @Darwyn! I feel like a complete tool now. :wink:

Sorry Mothra, that was me that did the Thread Necro.

I am having the same issue & posted in the thread asking for advice above.

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