Retreat or a feast? - Need help setting up my defense

Hi guys. As the title said, I’m trying to set up my defense to make attackers retreat instead of my team being a feast to them. Here’s what I have:

Alice +6 - Black Knight +8 - Telluria +8 - Vela +7 - Morgan le Fay +6

What do you think of this setup? I’m not sure if a non-rainbow team is a problem/weakness or not, and would really appreciate some guidance here.

If you guys want to suggest a different setup: I’m blessed with a healthy amount of 5* heroes but (I think) not many of them are that good on defense. Here’s what I have (they are mostly maxed, 3/70 but can be maxed, or not at all touched):

Yellow: Leonidas, Guardian Gazelle, Justice, and Vivica
Purple: Domitia and Quintus
Green: Tarlak and Kadilen
Blue: Magni, Isarnia, and Ariel
Red: Santa, Grazul, JF, Red Hood, Guardian Kong and Azlar (I know, bit unbalanced here)

Thanks, guys.

Your defense is good as it is, just wait for Sartana and Joon to use them as wings.
Black Knight and Vela flanking Telluria is a very solid trio.

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In my honest opinion, your defence line up is fairly solid.
Alternatives to Black Knight that work really well with Telluria are Red Hood and Jean-Francois.
Just try different combinations to see what works best for you
Good luck


Yes it is… AND no it isn’t.
Both in this case.

Doubling up your tank colour is asking for trouble - bringing red stack and hoping to score a good board that takes out Telluria is one way people approach raiding you.
If they get that board, they’ve got an easy kill on Morgan too with that red stack, especially if she’s last standing.

The blues doubled up are less of a problem - if an attacker stacks green for Vela and Alice, they’ve then got to get through Telluria with neutral (difficult) and BK with weak (very difficult).

The double blue on a Telluria defence is something you’ll see regularly - often with Finley and Vela because Vela makes a great flank and Finley is arguably the best left wing.

More generally…
The middle three is gold, you don’t need to change that. JF works well too, but I don’t think it’s any better than BK.
Alice is a great wing and this will be fine.
Ideally you want a fast sniper for the other wing - Joon and/or Sartana would fit well.

More generally beyond defence… If maxing Ariel isn’t your biggest priority then it 100% should be. She’s freaking unbelievably good (even if her art is awful :joy:)

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Thank you, everyone. You guys are really nice and helpful throughout :smiley:.

This is the insight I haven’t really thought about and I really appreciate you pointing out this weakness in my defense. If any Joon or Sartana come my way, they’ll be on my defense asap :laughing:

I’m one Scope away from being able to ascend her, and she’s definitely on top of the list :four_leaf_clover: (although her art is weird and not in an uncomfortably sexy way, looking at you Zeline and Kadilen)

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I like your defense. Personally, I would do JF in for BK because I’m more offensive minded but I love BK as well and he’s just fine. Take the advice of those above and just work on your heroes overall - getting emblems up, more solid tunes and combos that go together well on offence. Then you can try stuff like JF in for BK in “field aid wars” or swapping out Morgan in “attack boost” etc.

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I like the set up. I normally always recommend rainbow but seeing the yellows and purples available, you have the best possible defense.

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Thanks for the comments guys!

Yeah, I’ve just got JF maxed with +7 so definitely gonna check out your suggestion, as well as mixing and matching for different situations. I did not think about the differences in case of field aid until you mentioning. Thanks!

Yea somehow all the good snipers seem to evade me, finger-cross that TC20 gonna bless me with Joon or Sartana soon :crossed_fingers:.

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