Help on raid defense!

Hello all,

I recently pulled Sif and Vela and was thinking of swapping them into my general raid defense. My current defense is:

Mother North, Drake Fong, Black Knight, Magni, Sartana (all at 20 talents, lvl 15-19 troops)

I’m pretty sure Vela is a strict upgrade to Magni here, but I wasn’t sure where to slot Sif in (or at all). I really like the idea of having her and BK working in tandem, but not sure how realistic that is in practice. While I do like the idea of a rainbow defense team, certainly would be on board with a different setup if it means a stronger overall defense. Additional heroes at my disposal are below (* heroes not maxed):

Purple: Quintus, Obakan, Grimble*
Yellow: Costume Joon, Musashi, Bai Yeong, Owl, Vivica, Ranvir*, Leo*, Malosi*
Blue: Isarnia, Richard, Arthur
Green: Yunan, Gregorian, Tarlak*, Costume Horgall, Jade*, Bertila*, Kadilen*, Lianna* (only have two tonics)
Red: Zimkitha, Costume Elena, Azlar, Marjana, Khagan*, Noor*


Nice D. I think I’d take Vela over Magni. However Fing should stay there over Sif. Facing Black Knight you need a dispeller, same with Sif. A dispeller with neutralize both.


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