Reset Lianna emblems?

Would your answer change if I pulled Liannas costume (not that I think i could)

Who was the bigger hitter

Currently I run:

Miki, Evelyn, lianna, Morgan and Hansel/Yunan (depending on the size of the titan and survival)

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I’m pretty happy with my emblemed buddy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Tier 8 was the best thing for him but I kept going too.


So I emblemed Buddy and I think I regret it.

@Sidhekin once made the observation that really high tankiness (at the cost of attack*) is not always a good thing because, while you can withstand damage, you yourself cannot really penetrate the enemy. I think Buddy is a good example of that, although his status effects are pretty amazing for a 4*

I think I should have given it to Lianna lol. Might reset.

Of course I’d be singing a different tune if I had Evelyn

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I’m happy with the decision I made. It got better once I found the tonics for Kingston too so that my war defense isn’t suffering from an unemblemed nature hero. I think buddy being super tough is really good because he’s totally usable against top defenses in war, and his damage output isn’t what I use him for it’s the debuffs and the minions. Evelyn+Lianna doesn’t always kill a defender, but buddy+Evelyn+Lianna ALWAYS does :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So using those 3 and Kingston results in half the team dead in the 9 tiles it takes to charge them. I just avoid Gravemaker teams, but this is one of my strongest teams:

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Lianna is still the best sniper in the game…she is death. Mine is currently a +14 and she is scary good. I have an un emblemed Buddy who does just fine at what he does without them.

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