Emblem second lianna or another ranger

Hi all. Just looking for a bit of advice. I have a fully leveled lianna with costume and emblems. I have been accruing more emblems since. The question is what to put them now. I have a second fully leveled lianna+costume.

The current rangers I can place them emblems include: tibertus, triton, buddy, Jack o hare, chao, al-windr, and berden.

I am not a heavy raid person, but I do participate in weekly raids tournaments, wars. I learn towards titans and other sections in the game. Any thoughts would help thank you!

You want to emblem your 2nd Lianna with costume. If the first Lianna is emblemed on the ranger version, you may want to emblem the second Lianna on the cleric version. But my Tanger emblems are shared among other ranger heroes, i.e. Lianna, Evelyn, Seshat and Athena since they are not in my defense. You may as well emblem your Buddy for raid tourney defense which excludes reds. I did mine, as well as costumed Tiburtus for raid tourney 4* tank absent yellows since he becomes paladin that deal weaker damage to all but with - 34% defense debuff against all enemies.

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Unless you are embleming a fair number of other 4* heroes, adding high emblems to only a couple will actually hurt your tournament matchmaking. Initially it’s based on the best heroes you COULD field… So having high emblems on 5x will mean you’re matched with +80 to +100 emblem teams from the outset.

Similarly with 3* tournaments…

I personally haven’t emblemed any 3* or 4* heroes (except the few I use in Titan fights).

So I would probably use the emblems on second Lianna if you use her a fair bit :slight_smile:

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One exception I would make to this based on my own experiences is that embleming a 3* that you are likely to frequently use as tank in your raid defense (e.g. Gunnar) will reap huge rewards in terms of your raid defense score, and for 3* tournies the raid defense is worth even more than for 4* and 5*. I would often just put in my +20 Gunnar and my +0 through to +10 other 3s (mainly on the lower side) and see good results.

In general I would recommend embleming useful (which really means those with more unique specials) 4s over 5s, unless you have a deep roster and rarely use 4*s.

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I have fully emblemed my Gunnar with MCB def>health nodes (707 defense stat), though I find it more beneficial to use his costume version than the original version both in offense and defense. Still hesitating to strip him of emblems just for me to properly emblem the costume version. I also have fully emblemed my Bauchan in case red tanks are ideal in raid tourneys where blues are excluded.

My other emblemed rare heroes are Frosty+19, Grevle+19 (defense stat of 721 better than some 5* heroes), Nordri+19, Chick Jr.+19, Shrubbear+15, 2x Guardian Bats both at +12 (useful serving both at wings in 3* raid tourney defense), and 2x Bjorns+10.

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Ish but not really.

Remember your defence/ the enemy attack pairing operates the same way your own pairings does… So unless you have the heroes to set up a good high-emblemed defence always, well… it could backfire.

Also remember, you have to be IN the tournament all the way thru to get higher loot. If you emblem only a couple heroes a lot, you’ll end up facing very hard defences early on and (most likely) get KO’d from the tournament early… thus making your investment in defensive heroes something of a waste.

I appreciate all the replies. Looks like I’ll be using the second lianna. Thanks to you all!

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