Thoughts on crafting my D team?

Looking for some input on my raid D team! Been playing around with a few different lineups and none seem to be “working” very well. My top heros are:

Frida +9
Grazul +5
Domitia +7
Richard +2 +costume
Boldtusk +20 +costume
Victor +3
Sartana +3
Kadilin +3
Leo +3
Freya 3/53 (in the works, new fast dark minion generator)

One thought was to reset Frida and give her emblems to Richard and put him at tank. After that I am lost lol. Helllp!

Of the heroes you list, Richard is the only real tank, so Paladin emblems would be nice there

If you want a rainbow D maybe

Kadilen Grazul Richard Sartana Leo

Don’t love average speed at wing (Leo) but with his self heal he can be last left standing. BT could be better than Graz, not sure

Doing that lineup for colour protection, but if I was attacking that defense I would target the hitters on the right side first, and remainder isn’t really threatening

Wouldn’t be too concerned by raid defense yet, a bit more depth needed before you’d stay comfortably in diamond I think

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I actually managed to win my way into diamond overnight (+38) with my new lineup, Frida-BT-Richard-Grazul-Domitia

Nice thing about using grazul+bt is she gives him a mana boost w her special, and I like domitia’s rogue dodging. Still not too sure about keeping frida in the corner tho.

I do also have both marjana and lianna coming up, 3/17 and 3/70

Positioning of your heroes on offence isn’t as important as defense.

The only thing that really is affected by positioning on offence is whether you get hit by “hits three” heroes like Gravemaker or similar. There is no tank really on offence, but the central heroes are most likely to be hit by “hits three” heroes (60% chance as opposed to 40% on edges). So positioning on offence isnt a big deal, like what you’re saying about Frida

Also, I would suggest when raiding towards or into diamond you should get into the habit of choosing your team based on defenders, if you don’t do that. Often that team will include some good 4 stars with skills you don’t get at five star level, like Rigard for heavy dot defenses. Don’t just take fives because you think you should.

And lastly if you don’t now, try colour stacking based on tank or flank colours, that is effective and probably needed in diamond (some people still raid rainbow and good luck to them - I just find stacking more effective

Lol appreciate the advice! Though I’m not sure why we are talking about offense now :smile: I was still talking about my raid D team “winning their way” into diamond overnight, as in, my base was attacked several times while sleeping but I ended up +38 cups in the morning. I was still referring to D team there.

I am a pretty seasoned player and spend most of my time time in diamond already. Still use my Grimm +18 on almost every raid attack so I know the value of good 4s :smile: and my main attack team is usually 3 blue, 2 purple, depending on the D im facing of course. But Frida+Grimm+Richard can take out just about anybody!

This is tricky…

Starting from the outside in for a moment, generally and ideally wings want to be fast/vfast and attacking skills… You’re kinda light in this area, but strong on the beefier tank and support types so the middle should be easier.

I’d start from the position that Sartana and Leo pretty much have to be the wings, though it’d be nice if Leo were faster.

This works as Kadilen and Grazul both make good flanks.
(You definitely want Kadilen flank rather than wing if you’re going to use her - boosted defence against specials is surprisingly useful and pushes the attacker to bring dispel or hold back firing their special).

Richard makes a serviceable tank, especially with costume bonus boosting his stats up - I’d still use his standard version though as Paladin is better suited to tanking than barbarian.

Sartana - Grazul - Richard - Kadilen - Leo.

Possibly in future it’d run better with Leo at flank and Lianna wing (dropping Kadilen) but you can experiment with that when the time comes!

Paladin emblems is a good question… For general play you may want to keep them on Frida and just build Richard going forward - that costume bonus will have given him a boost already and unless you particularly care about max emblems on defence team then it may be better to leave them be.

If you’re holding close enough to diamond to pop up for opening chests (sounds like you already are), I’d probably not worry too much about shifting them… But that’s me.

Thanks for the input! And for talking me back from the ledge of removing frida’s emblems, i didnt really want to do that :smile:

I have been pretty against using leo for anything, but you are the second one now to suggest getting him in the lineup. I just never see him in raids and usually find him pretty easy to deal with. But for the sake of experimenting I will give it a shot!

More than anything it’s that you want snipers on wings and your ascensions so far were a little light on them… Which is fine, you’ve got some good hero’s there, but it makes picking a defence a bit more difficult.

Obviously with Marj and Lianna in the pipeline that’s going to give you options later :+1:

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