4 star troop leveling and Food management and Feeder management

We all know leveling a 4star troop can be extremely costly. Im concentrating on taking one of my 4star troop to higher levels. I have multiple mana troops from the same color.

Im planning to have one of the troops to level 17 since i have an average hero who has a talent grid with 2% mana and then start working on the next one to 23.

I have hundreds of 1star feeders and decent amount of 2 star and 3 star feeders saved

I would really appreciate your thoughts on how to make this more efficient in terms of food and feeders.

  • Is there a point where its better to stop feeding 1star troops to the higher level troop (I have mine currently at level 12) and save them for the 2nd mana troop?

  • When is the best time to use the 2 star and 3 star feeders

  • How much food do you have to store in TC20 to keep up with Troop leveling

  • Is there a spreadsheet or a chart for troop leveling guidance.

  • What are the best practices

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts and support.


There’s a guide here that explains troops in details. I think it may answer a majority of your questions.


Thank you for sharing the post, it is a really good and well organised post for the basics of Troops! I did came across that post couple of months ago but i couldnt find anything about efficient feeding for troops! I want to hear others how they manage 1star troops more efficiently, how did you do your troops?

Thank you in advance

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This one does cover the leveling cost and food required per level.

I have this question as well. It’s so expensive to level troops that it’s tempting to use my 2 and 3 star feeders, but surely I should hold them until a higher level. But what level?

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That’s exactly my biggest concern and the reason for this post! Hoping for someone to shed some light on the situation.

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I typically use 1* or a combination of 1* and 2* until the troop is almost at the next level. Then I use 10X 3* and 2* to get as much XP as possible using the previous level’s ham cost.

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Oh that sounds like a good strategy!

Thats what i was doing but seems like we loose more when going back to 1 star in the next stage. for the moment it seems good but its going take more food and less progress when we go back to the 1star feeders :roll_eyes:

I’m going to close this thread but refer people to the thread linked within for further discussion.

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