Which 5* should I fully ascend?

I have 5/6 mystic rings, which means I am very close to fully ascending a red 5* however I am torn between fully ascending Natalya or Khagan! What do you think I should do?!

Natalya all day. Best hero of the game to fight alby or Mother North on corners.


Always Natalya, cant go wrong :slight_smile:

Sweet thanks folks! I appreciate the feedback!

Neither for the moment.

Just wait till you get 6 rings and ask again.
Hopefully you have a better selection by then.

Natalya, she’s so pretty :blush:

Khagan has been greatly buffed by Version 20. He may be slow but his skills tend to increase mana generation. Among all heroes that damage target and nearby to an equal degree, he has the highest skill multiplier at 320%, followed by Frida (290%), Drake Fong (270%), Mitsuko (245%), Evelyn (210%), etc. Other heroes that damage 3 only deals minor damage to the target’s nearby heroes. Natalya may have good artwork, but her DOT damaging skill can easily be ignored if you have a healer when attacking a team with Natalya in it. IMO, she really doesn’t pose a problem whenever I encounter her. She ain’t scaring me even a bit.

You forgot that he is slow mana in your damage calc.

I would say neither , but when havent another than its natalya

On the topic of Natalya. I have had her maxed and she is +7.

I struggle to find a place for her. Can any suggest what she is best used for?

Mana control.

Use her like Hel but fast mana and single target.
DoT is extra benefit.
Very good against green titans.

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Thanks, I will add her to my titan stack.

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Use her against Telly.

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That is a very good point. She will be good there.


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