Red Hood or Marjana for defense?

Well i have the rings for one of them and i want to replace boldtusk on defense.I love red hood and i bring her everywhere but i dont know for defense.I think Marjana fits better.The rest in my defense are Evely,Athena,Sartana,Misandra all fully leveled.Any suggestion would help.Thanks.

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Marjana is a great sniper but with Misandra, Evelyn and Sartana you’ve got a lot of firepower already. Her role in that team seems a bit redundant.

Replacing Boldtusk means you lose healing. And I am not really sure if you need to replace him either… not yet anyways. With emblems his defense is pretty high + he can proc revive.

If you are really looking for all 5* team though, I’d go with Red Hood so that you at least get some passive healing. Also with Athena’s def- drop per attack, Red Hood’s hit to all would work well with her to trigger further drops.

Just my two cents


I would go for red hood in this case. You have no healer and a lot of snipers already. Athena and red hood will work out good.

The passive healing she does is pretty good. You only have no real tank and she isn’t the best option to put there you want to get as many foxes you can get to keep the healing up.

From this heroes Misandra is the best possible tank charge up your fast snipers even faster.

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Redhood is bad on defense. I tend to ignore her.

RH is only good on offense

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I use Red Hood on defense team

Zim / Alasie (Evelyn from time to time) / Khiona / Lianna / Red Hood

This defense wins a lot of battles. When I played around with other options to replace Red, the results changed qwikly :wink: Needless to say, Red is back on the starting bench and the wins keep coming in.

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Thanks for your responses everybody.I agree that i am full of hitters and i need a healer so i think i will level red hood and later marjana.I dont know though if i ll replace bt yet.Maybe i ll wait to fully level kunchen.Thanks again:grinning:

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