Red 5 star advice

I think i know the answer to this one but want to make sure
I have Elena, Santa, Zimkitha, 2 Marjana, Mitsoku, Ares at 4/80 and a bunch of 4 stars at 4/70 including Falcon, Boldtusk and Wilbur
I have Azlar and Grazul sitting at 3/70 - who should i ascend

Neither. Zimkitty first. :wink:

Yes, Zim to 5-90 first! Sorry for that bad joke :laughing:

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With a roster like that it really doesn’t matter. Do Grazul anyway. Fast healer protector, hitters you have a plenty.

Grazuhl is the better choice for war clearly

Grazul given your riches

I vote grazul… definitely a valuable hero for a war team. azlar would be a raidT hero primarily for me… you’ve already got Elena maxed which has the higher attack of the two (albeit, squishier) so I doubt he’d find room on your titan team.

Grazul over Azlar any day of the week.

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