5* Red Ascension Quandary

So I have a bit of a good problem, in that I have 4 5* red heroes after just pulling Grazul last week. I recently used my rings to fully ascend Gravemaker, so I won’t run up against having to make a decision anytime soon, but I’m close to needing another red project.

My red 5* heroes in the order I pulled them are:
Gravemaker (4/50)
Red Hood (1/1)
Ares (1/1)
Grazul (1/1)

I run a rainbow defense team, but prefer to run 3/2 stacks in offense/wars, and generally 4/1 stacks against titans (using Wu Kong as my off-color).

Before pulling Grazul, my intent was to focus on Ares next to be a tank in my red stack teams, but Grazul seems like the perfect partner to run with Gravemaker.

So, E&P nation…who should I focus on next to give me the most team flexibility in offense/defense/wars/titans? I will obviously like to ascend all of them, but the wait for rings is real.

To provide some more context, if I were to run a mono red team today, it would be:
Scarlett (3/60)
Wilbur (+1)
Boldtusk (+7)
Gravemaker (4/50…otw to 4/80 plus my 200+ barbarian emblems)
G. Falcon (+1)

My backup reds are:
Kelile (3/60)
Lancelot (1/1, but plan on getting him to at least 3/60)
Sumitomo (1/1…just don’t see him eating my hidden blades anytime soon)
3 more Wilburs at 1/1 (love this guy)
2 more Scarletts at 1/1 (holding on to them, don’t know why)

In sum, I need like 100 more hidden blades lol.

Do you have two four star red mana troops at level 11+? If you do, then I would go Grazul. To have her and GM both charge off six tiles would be very nice.

If not, I’d run with Ares, who is still a fabulous hero, and will be very nice against titans. Of course he is similar to BT that way, who you already have with emblems (recommend taking him to +18, all defense and HP)

Really either choice is pretty good, and nobody would blame you for working on the shiny new one first

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