Time to max a red 5* help?

So, I was hoping to max Zimkitha, but RNG wasn’t on my side. Now that I know I won’t be receiving her any time soon, I need another red 5* to max. I could wait, but I’m sitting on 18 rings and really think it is time.

My maxed 5s: Marjana, Mitsuko, Lianna, Frida, Ariel, Leonidas, Drake Fong, Poseidon, Hel, Obakan, Guardian Panther.

My red 5* options; Elena, Azlar, Khagan, Grazul, Anzogh.

I was leaning toward Grazul, but don’t like that she is a Cleric. That would make it hard to put her on my defense team… and I don’t think she’s great on defense anyway. My initial plan for defense was Alasie, Drake, Kunchen, Zimkitha, Kingston. Once they were all maxed, of course. Not gonna,work now.

Thoughts?? 18 rings, I think it is time to pick one.


My standard answer in these situations is Azlar… because he has a feeakin’ lions head.

But I don’t know much about the orcs.


I would max grazul for offense

Use marjana on defense, flank kingston, wing alasie and marjana

Or could just put mits in the place you had lined up for zim and stack the elemental obstacles mits and kunch provide, tho slow tank and average flank seem like maybe too slow but could still punish a bad board.

Regardless, i would max grazul out of the choices. She is a good hero you can stack with any other healer and add an extra layer of durability to your team


Grazul would probably be choice one, Azlar choice two.

Grazul isn’t ideal on defense, but offensively she’s good to have. Depending on your troop levels, Azlar can be an absolute beast. Both on offense and defense he CAN be valuable IF he goes off.


My choices there, based solely on whom I’ve come up against, would be Grazul, with Azlar 2nd choice. The others don’t bother me much. I find BT causes more problems than an Anzogh.


Grazul is definitely who I was leaning toward.

Do you find that classes are affecting your ascension decisions? Zim would have been perfect because my only other 5* druids are Horghall, Guardian Owl, and Master Lepus. None of whom I plan to ascend any time soon. Marjana is competing with emblems because Guardian Jackal is one of only two 4*s I’ve emblemed. I could take them, but a titan looks at Jackal and he dies…

Keep embleming jackal, once he hits 20 then start embleming marjana(or take marjana to node 7 for ur D team, then go back to workin on jackal, either way)

And no classes aren’t effecting my decisions all that much. It’s a pretty minor bonus or drawback in my decision, but i still make the decision based on how often I’ll use the hero or how important a specific need/use is to me


Classes only affect my decision if I’m having troubles in the last level of a class event (looking at you, Sorcerer class - ugh Quintus?). otherwise like @rigs I go with the most useful heroes to me. Currently my ranger emblems are split between Gregorion and Lianna as they’re the best ones I have and I use both all the time. My cleric ones are all over the place. Too many useful healers there.

Anzogh, following Kunchen def down, would hit/heal for good numbers i believe.

On offense, following Wilbur’s def down, mine hits/heal for 450-500.

That would be my choice, although as stated, Grazul for offense would a good choice as well

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On your red options, I have maxed Elena / Azlar / Grazul.

I would place Grazul as the top. She makes all other reds better.
The one I used the most are Azlar and Grazul.

Seems like most people are recommending Grazul. Her two turn status affect bugs me… and the low heal, but still, a very fast 5* healer that protects everyone… I’ll probably max her. :slight_smile:



Grazul for sure, but I’m surprised that noone’s mentioned Mits for your defense… Simply subbing in Mits for Zim in the defense you originally posted would be pretty solid.