First 5 star red ZIm vs Azlar

Simple question this is my first 5 star red my choices are Zimkitha and Azlar. My main focus is Raids/Wars and PVE. Titans are ok but there not really a main focus current team makeup is

Offence Victor 4/80 Richard 4/74 Inari 3/70 Boldtusk 4/70 Hansel 4/70

They most likely be replacing either Boldtusk or Hansel on my main offensive lineup.

Depending on what direction I go might also add them to my defense lineup which is currently.

Victor 4/80, Inari 3/70, Boril 4/70, Boldtusk 4/70 and Richard 4/74

My thoughts are this Zimkitha is low damage high utility. She doesn’t do a ton with her special but she does add some nice buffs while also dispelling. The fact she is fast means she very spammable and if not watched can become a massive threat quickly.

Azlar is a slow howitzer. He like a trump card he does reasonable tile damage and is slow to charge but if his special goes off… its end game 9/10 times unless someone can dispel.

whats your guys thoughts and sorry about the fragmented post.

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I’ve been told to pull each one up to 2/60 and play with them in the different areas to see what fits with your playstyle and team best.
I’m too new to have experience though. So mostly I’m replying to also hear what other people have to say on this topic. I just got my last ring with today’s rare quest and will be needing to make a similar decision at some point in the future.
I guess do you need the dispeller? Azlar does really mess you up quickly if he goes off.
My decision has Ares as a possible option too…ugh…

Zimkitha is a better Azlar.

Due to lack of five star reds ,I’ve got them both fully ascended and working on getting them to max power should be great when I need to stack red’s

If you have Ares, Starry, no question about it to me, he should be the 1st to ascend. As to the o.p., I leave that up to those more knowledgeable than myself.

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