Red 5* - Noor vs Elenna vs Wait for another one

I have played for about a year now and wtihin the past three weeks I finally got my first two red 5* - Noor and Elena. I only have enough materials to level one. But Im feeling sorta meh about both of them. Is there something Im not seeing about them - or would it be better to wait and see if another one shows up… preferably before another year has gone by :wink: ?

You are right. They are somewhat MEH. Get some more patience from whatever source and wait. Hope you get lucky from TC20 to get Marjana or from Atlantis portal to get Mitsuko or from Tavern portal to get Gravemaker or from Valhalla portal to get Gefjon (soon) or from any December portal for Reuben (HOTM), and many more far better red legendaries than the ones you currently have. And if you really want to max one of the two, do it ONLY if you have 12 rings and give them to Elena, who has insane tile damage useful against nature titans, riposte for various events and map stages, has good class (rogue) and may still be improved more if you get her costume from the Masquerade portal.


not guarantee you will get red 5star or even anymore 5star hero… i just think elena is iconic hero as you can c her all the time when you start the game,

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If you really really want to max a red 5* then go for Elena as others suggested. She is more versatile and her riposte is fun to play with.

Noor needs a bit more skill and getting used to.

If you’re f2p, then I wouldn’t suggest waiting around for another hero. F2P grind is as is quite long and tiring. You might as well have fun with the heroes you have.

A decent hero in hand is better than two good heroes behind the paywall.

Also, if you haven’t already, you could bring them both upto 3/70. Maybe you’ll get a better idea as to which hero you like better and fits your play style. :slightly_smiling_face:

Elena’s original class is fighter. :slightly_smiling_face:

Rogue class only with costume.

Cheers!! :beers:


Dumb me. I was thinking of her costume all the time since i usually see her in raids on costume. Oh darn. Either way, fighter class is one of the best classes we have

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In my honest opinion, I wouldn’t rush to max either of those.
Wait until you pull a better 5 star red.
However, if you have 12 spare mats to hand, and really want to max one of the two, then I would focus on Elena and hope to get her costume.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

As said earlier, depends really if you are f2p. Elena is ok… tile damage is enormous so useful for titans

Thanks for the advice. I have a couple of other heroes I could focus on maxing first, but the odds of a new red one is pretty low, as Im doing F2P… but lets see what shows up :slight_smile:

Hi there , i am currently having the same problem , can’t decide who to ascend , i have 12 rings but i’m not convinced by neither elena or noor.
In 2021 u still think that elena should get rings before noor? I should mention that those 2 are the only 5* red heroes i got , both 3.70
I’ve been playing for over 1.5 years F2P

Elena. Noor is too niche but may be good to level once you’re further along as F2P.

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Maybe Elena. I have sit at 3.70 Azlar, Elena, Noor and Khagan at 1.1.

I will go with Noor only because I like to mess with minions and I need a bit more survivability in my red mono (and I hope to get Frosth too to make a red/blue minion based).

But this is just my situation, I love to try different strategies and to play with “less standard” heroes. At the end of the day it’s a game.

If you’ve got 12 rings, there’s no harm in ascending Elena. She’s got high tile attack, and riposte is a pretty good skill even at higher levels. It’s fun watching those high-powered heroes suicide themselves. Of course, the obvious catches are that she is pretty fragile and has slow mana. She’s usually part of my red stack on raids, particularly against AoE defenses.


Thnx for you opinions . In case i would have got frosth i would ascended noor just for fun , and the choise was easier , but i failed :)) . According to you guys i will ascend elenna and maybe hope for the May HOTM .

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