Should I level up noor

I have only noor red 5 star. I have 6 rings and i have finish scarlet keliile boltusck. Should level up noor or wait other 5 red hero. Game give possibilitie to fix better noor; i think is awful.

I would wait for sure.
We got some nasty s3 red comming soon.
Current version of Noor is joke, pvp-wise.
You can have some use for Noor in hard quest stages, and thas about it.
Got Noor at 4/80 myself, just for info.

I have mine at 3/70.
Not worthy for the rings - not even for the hidden blades.

Agreed. With only 6 rings you should wait. Patience is difficult, but it still doesn’t last as long as regret.

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In my honest opinion, if you have TC20 running constantly, I would wait for a better 5* Red
Good luck

I wont think so.
Its a new era of minions.
She will defenetly counters Bera ans sheshat.
And some upcoming new minion makers.

And if noor is my first red 5* to ascend, then i will wait with those rings for sure.
Coz the first 5* of any element we will use it in deffence as well as in offence.

3/70 atm isn’t worth it for more even if its your only 5* red

Noor is a divisive hero, people either hate or like her. I have her at 4/80 and find myself using her pretty often.

However, with Gefjon coming up, I’d wait a little while to see if you get someone with more utility. If by the end of November you get no one better, ascend her because at that point waiting too long is counter productive.

Her minions are beefy and are great meat shields. Her main drawback is that she is slow however I understand why SGG did that cause even at Average she’d be generating too many all the time.

What other 4* fire do you have as maybe one of them will be better at this point in Time, as only having 3 maxed you will need more in the long run.

Why sit on assets playing the what if game? I’m nearly two years into playing and only have three yellow 5* heroes. Another 5* red may never come or it could show up in the form of a Khagan.

As the saying goes, a sparrow in the hand is worth two in the bush.


The chances of getting another 5* in Valhalla or any other portal are not… great. At your stage in the game she will definitely help you, particularly in PVE. Do you find yourself struggling in the rare quests or tavern of legends or challenge events? If so, 100% go forward and ascend her, she is one of the best PVE heroes you can get. If you can complete all of those quests, then you can probably wait a month or so to see if someone else comes along that you like more. But if not then I would bit the bullet.
Useless for titan of defense.
For raids I run her in my main anti-tel team roughly 16 times a day. I have her at 4/80/18. I really like her, and the team is very effective, but it is not a popular opinion. And her future use in raids will now be dependent on whether Tel will stick around, and whether more minion makes will find their way into defenses. Maybe in a month or so that will be clearer to see…

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The majority has told you the truth,
Except for this:

:point_up_2:that difference is 52 more minion HP…!
That’s the least amount of gain for any other hero in the game, from 3.7 to 4.8… the least amount!
All other heroes gain substantially more benefit from eating up rare mats over Noor.

:point_up_2:is accomplished by her Hotm skill. I’ve been using her at 3.7 for 3 months now. And she will absolutely stay that way! Perfectly usable…
Until it makes sense to give her mats.
She does her job just fine,
without wasting precious mats.

You shouldn’t have to wait long, for a worthy 5*

Believe me when I say that saving mats will make you very happy one day!
While some others…will eventually be kicking themselves and wishing
they could get their rings back!

People will give you advise from their point of view, but if you need some precise advise you need to give more information: Ascension mats (blades and tomes) and other roster heroes. knowing your source of heroes is also important to guess If you will have to wait a long or a veeeeery long time.

Depending on it, Noor can be a great add or just a waste of resources: I have mine at 2.60 but I have aso Marjana at 3.70 awaiting for rings. I still have some uses for her (Boldtusk, Marjana, and Scarlett are my other non 3* reds) So I take her to titans, trials and even at some wars If you don´t have minion heroes, She provides a great sustain in maps.

If you have her at 1.1 get her to 2.60 and you will use her before some 3*reds Depending on how wealth are you in compasses and blades getting her to 3.70 could be a choice.

According to Murphy´s law: If you spend your mats on her you probably summon another red 5* just following, so it could be a way to trigger it :smiley:

@Elvinikos despite our estemmed friend’s analysis based on him having not levelled her past 3/70, I can tell you that if you use Noor and you like her, the difference between 3/70 and 4/80 is huge. And so is 4/80 and 4/80/18. At an average of 14 minions per winning match (for me, other stats might be different) the extra health for minions really stacks up. The extra attack for the minions is not too big a deal, but you will find that the minions do at times kill off an enemy hero that is about to fire their special. The other big factor is Noor’s own survivability - it is important that she can keep soaking up attacks and she does that a lot more effectively once you hit 4/80. I have now raided with her hundreds of times and I can tell you that the benefits are really worth it. For me she went from being barely usable at 3/70 to decent at 4/80 to very good at 4/80/18 But the caveat is that you have to like her at 3/70 in the first place, and you see the potential for where you will make use of her. If you don’t, then it is definitely not worth you ascending her

As I said, I tried her at 3/70 and 4/80 and the differene is night and day. The extra health becomes important when you get slash and minion attacks coming your way, and then a Vela or GM special. The difference is then having minions still standing, that can continue to kill enemy minions, or dead minions. I am not theorising, I have experienced this many times over.

@Elvinikos have a look at the duarbility of maxed and partly emblemed Noor minions: (with benefit of Noor special defense up and Vela attack down)

Thank you very much for help.

The video proofs that she is useless… The real red heroes in this video are lady loki and grazul. she did nothing. she didn’t even summon sparrow when vela summons the thorn minion…


Please learn to read. The video only shows the durability of the minions, as the discussion was about minion health. Noor does not decide the course of this raid and at no point was this claim made.

And yes, she does not auto summon a minion in response to a minion generated as part of a talent, as per her card description

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No problem.

If you want to see Noor in action at 4/80 and above you can have a look here

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