Noor or elena or wait other 5* red hero

I have Reuben takents 16 for my defence. Bolstuck costume 20 talents scarlet 18 talents sir lancelot 16 talents wirpull 15 talents and i have 9 rings. What you believe. I have noor and elena 3/70. Level up or wait another 5 * red bero.

If you:

  • Have Freya, then Noor
  • Want to improve your performance in challenge events, ninja tower, and help you through some tougher S3 levels, then Noor
  • If you face a lot of minion makers in raids and don’t have many minion counters, then Noor
  • If you struggle with hard hitting bosses in PVE, then Elena
  • If you want to increase your score on green titans, then Elena
  • Kind of hard for me to say which hero would give you the most overall benefit in raids. I have my Noor at 4/80/20 and my Elena at 1/1 - but Elena came into my roster very late and if she had come earlier I would have likely maxed her.
  • At your level - based on the heroes you have - I would not recommend waiting. You will get more benefit and more enjoyment from maxing one of the heroes you have. Have you plaed each of them at 3/70?

Personally - and it is not a popular opinion - I would go with Noor. I love my Noor and have had a lot of success with her. The self minion is an invaluable aid against minion summoning teams. This is the team I am running most at hte moment and Noor is always a part of it as long as I am facing a minion tank. The third raid in the series shows how her survivability comes in handy.

There are a few Noor threads with a lot more videos if you want to see how she performs maxed with emblems


Save your rings until you have at least 12. For the meantime, play with them for quite a bit until you have 12 rings and has already made a decision which of them suits your playstyle. Only you can determine which hero fits you best since we don’t have the same heroes, troops and its levels as well as playstyle.

Good luck.

I have both maxed.

I use Noor more often than Elena. But both are very useful heroes and I often use them together on the same team with excellent results.

If you are after speedy kills then Elena is your gal.
If you enjoy slower more strategic battles, you will enjoy Noor more.

I find that minion management is increasingly relevant in the game, so I would rather have Noor than Elena personally.

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I don’t have Noor but I do have Costumed Elena. She sits flank on my defense. On offense with her counterattack she is deadly against Telluria (and any hard-hitting opponent actually). I have her +18 and her attack is 945 even taking the health route.

Her and Justice as tank mean my defense is slow-building but it holds well in diamond, usually 2500+.

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