Next Red 5* to Ascend?

Hi, I’m starting to have a decent roster and need to plan on which 5* to ascend next. To help me make a decision, I have one 5* fully ascended in each color : Panther, GM, Guin, Alasie, Zeline. As far as 4* go, I have ascended all the classics (all 4* healers, wu, all armor and color debuffers, etc…).

Now I am not sure which red 5* to ascend next. I have the choice amongst Ares, Azlar or Marjana. I was thinking about ascending Marj, to get that big punch when you need to get down one hero quickly. But if there is a better choice, I am here to hear that.


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I agree, I’d probably go with Marj. You already have Guin, so upping Ares isn’t really a priority, but Marj you can throw into a lot of situations and she’ll play well with Guin, versus having Guin and Ares on the field at the same time.

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I agree. Marjana will make for a good versatile sniper for you.
Azlar is best suited as a tank, but Guin is better. Same with Ares

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Go with your gut, if you’re thinking Marjana will be the most help to you, I’d go with her. She’s a fantastic sniper and the best regular red 5*.
Ares is great at supporting his nearby allies very well, so he’s good in defense but also nice for offense and titans if that’s something you’re looking for, though he doesn’t really need to go to 4/80 to experience the same effect unless you wanted to make him your tank.
Azlar is also solid in defense, and has a nice and high attack stat so can be nice for Titans too, but the slow isn’t as versatile. Though, he is one that needs to be at 4/80 to reach his full potential, since he’s all about damage and that’s when his attack stat and DOT max out.
Overall: You can’t go wrong with Marjana- chances are you would never regret ascending her. As for Ares, he doesn’t necessarily need to be ascended unless you plan on putting him in your defense setup or want to make him more sturdy. & Azlar is a matter of personal choice, if you can handle the slow he’s actually a pretty awesome character, but if you can’t then I’d definitely put him aside for now.


Marjana marjana marjana!

20 characters fulfilled :yum:

Hmm cant go wrong with ares or marj. If i had grave maxed, i would probably choose ares next. I’m a variety guy though

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