Marjana or reuben?

This is my red mono team and I only have 1 tome to use. Which one gets it for the time being? Which would help my red mono attacks more? FYI, no emblems to go on marjana. Still putting on alive. Reuben will have roughly 1300 with if emblems.

Your current monored team is already solid enough if I may say so, though you have 2 slow heroes maxed in there in Elena and Khagan. I don’t know the reasoning why you leveled 2 slow fire legendaries. I just hope you get both their costumes soon to exploit the costume bonus.

I think you may need to hold on to your ascension mats. The next tome may be due next month from the rare quests. There really is no need to ascend a 5th fire legendary unless you are planning to split them up to create 2 monored teams. If so, its a toss up. If you get Marj’s costume when it goes live, then she’s the one. I just felt Reuben is a little too late to the party as a decent counter to GTV defense, but the Veluria have already been nerfed twice.

Khagan and Elena were some of my first 5s maxed. It was one of those situation where any 5s would have been better then nothing.

I almost made that same incident. Azlar was my 1st red 5* and was already planning to ascend and max him until I got Ares in the early Atlantis events whom I prioritized and maxed and subsequently emblemed as he was serving as my regular defense tank. I think I followed maxing my Azlar, then Mitsuko, 1st GM, Grazul, Jean Francois, and lastly a 2nd GM. I have 24 mysterious rings in my inventory and can ascend any four of my other 3/70 heroes: 2nd Mitsuko, 2nd Azlar, 3rd GM, Marjana, Reuben or Khagan, but planned to hold on to the ascension mats.

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