Red 5* Ascension

After playing just over a year as a C2P, I had only Guardian Kong as a 5* Red and with 12 Rings in inventory, just went ahead and starting to max him, at 4-72 he is almost there. In mono red stack with BT, Wilbur he actually works really well in offence, so no regrets also.

When I decided to give him rings, I was certain that the game would immediately give me another, most probably a better 5* Red. Well, now 2 days in a row TC20 gave me Azlar and Khagan.

From fighting against them it feels Azlar is better than Khagan, but I honestly didn’t care much about either of them before this, so I am open to suggestions. If I ascend one, it will be used in Red mono replacing probably Colen and probably on def team replacing G.Kong.

Personally for me I would wait a bit and see if a better red comes along. If I’m picking between Azlar and Khagan, I would go Azlar. I would only use Azlar or Khagan for red stacks or titans which is to say they would only get used on certain offenses. As Azlar’s stats tilt more toward offense, that would be my choice. Not a fan of either for defense.

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I would hold off on either for marjana

Maxed azlar, i dont use him

And would max khagan but well wouldnt use him either

The only tc20 5* hero worth rings is marjana in my honest opinion speaking from both regret and experience


If you’re struggling with reds i would look at embleming boldtusk, scarlett, maybe kelile, or wilbur or other low cost 4s before I’d spend rings on a red 5 just cause it’s a red 5

If the hero doesn’t provide a substantial use to you when maxed, then well yea you increased your # of red 5s but for minimal to no gain

Could even emblem colen and have near equivalent of an azlar and the emblems can be recovered and dont cost as much as 6 rings



Thanks for the very detailed response. Agreed with Marjana, she was the only one I was actually hoping for. After getting two 5* Reds from TC20 two days in a row as a C2P, I am not really expecting any more 5*s for a while, but crazier things have happened I guess.

Leaning towards Azlar for now and probably will bring both of them to 3-70 at first as least for depth and see how it goes.
Not really hurting for 4* depth though, I have all red 4* maxed and reasonably emblemed (Scarlet+11, Wilbur+5, BT +5 for now). Colen can’t have emblems though Kingston and Delilah also eating them up and they are on the def team in war and raids.

It just sucks when players ascend a 5* cause they get impatient and dont want to wait on another 5* then are frustrated that the heavily invested 5* isn’t as helpful as they had hoped and gets benched for a 4* or just frustratingly uses anyways due to the investment

I’ve seen it happen a lot and have done it myself, it’s just not worth it but some things have to be learned through experience and can’t always be learned through the words of others

If you do choose one, I’d say azlar for at least the tile damage vs green titans and events

And if you get greater use out of him than that, please tag me and let me know as i would love to dust mine off and use him effectively

Oh and idk if you’ve ran into it yet

But something else i keep running into is maxing a hero like azlar or elena

Then lucking into a hero like kong or marjana but having to wait on 6 more rings while glaring at the regretted one each day or rolling eyes with each use…it’s pretty brutal. I have maxed 2 marjana, 1 zim, 1 grazul, 1 jf, 1 anzogh, 1 elena, 1 azlar, 1 mitsuko

But i have a few more zim and marjanas and kong sitting on the bench that i would love to give the rings to that i gave to jf, elena, and azlar

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That’s certainly true and that’s why I was playing so cautiously for a year, only maxing the truly worthy one’s. Now trying to balance a loose and fun style with complete careless one, I guess.

Azlar is maybe not an A grade hero, but I have mine maxed with 14 emblems and he kicks ■■■ together with Wilbur. Not sure though if you really need him so much, cause you already have Kong. But if you’d have two sets of rings and no other red 5* showed up yet, I’d give them to Azlar I think…

But definately not Khagan.

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Makes sense

Can’t be serious all the time

It is a game after all

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Yeah, collecting some more rings while leveling both makes the most sense right now. I have 6 at the moment, I will be waiting until I get to 10 rings or so. By that time, if I get someone better, they jump over Azlar, if not the big cat gets them after all.

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I wouldn’t recommend leveling Khagan at all unless you’re in serious lack of roster depth. I brought mine to 3.70 but I never use him, not in wars nor elsewhere… most 4* reds are better.

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