Red 4* Trainer Hero dilema

Looking for some advise on which hero to feed my Red 4* trainer hero to. I am torn between Ares (1/17)or Zim Kitty (1/30). I have the rings to take both to 4/80
I know each has their own pros & cons. I was thinking of Ares as my tank, but Zim in support is a great role.
I have Wilbur & Scarlet maxed as my 4*'s. Khagan, Azlar & Marjana are my other pretty much un touched red 5*.
Thanks in advance.

Ares is usefull in any kind of way raid offense/defense titans. I‘d definitely go with him. The kitten or marjana second


Whichever hero you decide on, I wouldn’t use your trainer hero on them yet. Keep the trainer until later (late tier 4 preferably) when it becomes very slow and expensive to get those levels up.

My vote goes to Ares too.


ares has unlimited uses. he takes so much pressure off your dps at times. recommend him first also.


Hold onto it. Get both of them up to 2/60 and play with them in wars/titans/farming/raiding.
Late tier 3 is tough and expensive too.


I place a lot more value on zimkithas cleanse at fast mana than ares buff and heal. Cleanse is a rare ability but buffs like Ares aren’t. Additionally blindness, debuffs, DOT and mana control are very common and being able to cleanse at fast mana is very powerful. And save the trainer hero for a later level as suggested.


I’m following this post because I still haven’t decided between the two for rings. Really it comes down to, do you need a fast cleanser, or do you need a tank? There are many posts on this forum regarding the two. It seems Zim is not a very good tank. Both are great heros though.


If your team has no healers, go with Ares (keeps his flanks alive with buffs)

If there is a healer, go for Zim (fast cleanse is always useful)

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